Partnering with patients, families and carers

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital is committed to working with our patients and their families, which helps achieve the best health outcomes. We encourage you to get involved in planning and making decisions about your care.

The healthcare team is happy to discuss your care with you and your family/carers and to answer any questions. It is important to us to know what matters to you and your family, and whether you need additional support to meet your individual needs.

Talk to your healthcare team about the plan for your care. This plan will be made in consultation with you and your family. As circumstances may change during your time here, plans can be adapted to suit your health needs.

We want you and your family to feel comfortable in approaching our teams, especially if you notice a change in your medical condition. Let me know is an important way for families to approach our staff with these concerns.

All staff wear identification badges and we encourage you to ask them about how they are involved in your care.