While You are Here

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Hospitals can be complex places for patients, their family and friends.

Find out more about our wards and their locations. Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital has many wards/units, each with different specialities. This list will help you plan your visit to our busy hospital.


It is important to us that you stay safe and well during your hospital stay. Here are few tips:

1. Leaving the ward
Your safety is of primary concern and you are asked to notify nursing staff before leaving the ward on all occasions.

2. Medication
On admission, you should give the nursing staff caring for you any drugs or medicines in your possession. These will be returned to you on discharge. The use of drugs other than those prescribed by your doctor while in hospital may have an adverse effect on your recovery.

3. Nurse call system
Call buttons are provided should you need a nurse. It is only necessary to press the call button once as the call registers outside your door, and in the corridors. If your friends or relatives are concerned about your condition they may press the call button on your behalf or alert staff.

4. Safety Checks
During your admission to Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital you will pass through a number of different areas in the hospital. These may include day procedure unit, theatre, recovery and/or the inpatient wards. You will be cared by a number of medical, nursing, allied health and reception staff members. To ensure your safety, these staff need to check a number of times; your name, date of birth and type of procedure you are having. These questions may seem repetitive, but is an important safety process.

5. Falls
To prevent the risk of having a fall while in hospital the following suggestions are recommended:
• Bring in correctly fitting, supportive shoes. Safe footwear characteristics include: thin soles with tread; low, wide heels with a rounded edge; firm heel cup; laces, buckles or Velcro fastenings; wide and deep toe box; and the correct length. See flyer link:
• Bring in any walking sticks or frames that you use at home.
• Use the nurse call system to ask for assistance when getting out of bed after a procedure or if you feel dizzy or unwell.
• Alert the nurse if you have history of falls or if you have had any recent falls before coming into hospital.

The Executive of Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital recognises its responsibility to provide workers, patients/clients and visitors with a safe and healthy environment and is committed to the complying with the NSW Ministry of Health “Smoke Free Workplace Policy – Progression of the NSW Health‟ PD2005_375 to ensure that Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital  meets its' obligations under the NSW Smoke Free Environment Act.

We aim to reduce the harm associated with tobacco use among staff/contractors, patient/clients and visitors, including exposure to second hand smoking.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the hospital grounds.

Nicotine replacement therapy program is available upon request for both staff and patients/clients to assist keeping Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital a smoke free environment.

We thank you for respecting our smoke free zone.

For help to quit smoking call the Quitline 13 7848 or visit www.icanquit.com.au

You have been asked to bring in your own regular medication.

Please make sure you give all of your medication to the nursing staff when you arrive.

Do not take any medication without telling your nurse first.