General Medicine - 2 East

Ward 2 East is located on the eastern side of the Clinical Services Building, on level two.

The 29-bed ward manages a combination of specialities including medical, surgical and orthopaedic patients, high dependency patients and patients undergoing drug and alcohol detoxification.

The 4-bed Closed Observation Unit is used for patients requiring more specialised medical and nursing care, such as patients experiencing chest pain or after some surgical procedures. This is not an Intensive Care Unit, but offers a higher level of patient monitoring.

The drug and alcohol beds (4 in total) are used for patients requiring detoxification who also have other medical conditions. Drug and alcohol patients are admitted to the hospital from the Langton Centre.

Medical patients are only admitted to the ward from the Emergency Department, and orthopaedic patients may be elective patients, or patients admitted to the hospital from the Emergency Department.

The ward is managed by the Nurse Unit Manager with medical staff; nursing staff including Clinical Nurse Specialists, a Clinical Nurse Consultant, Registered Nurses, and a Community Liaison Nurse, social workers who provide care and expertise to patients on the ward.

Additionally, the ward is supported by clerical and domestic staff.