Our Vision

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital was the first hospital established in Australia, and the hospital crest proudly displays the motto: 'Ut Primus sic Optimus’, which, translated, means ‘As the First, so the Best’. It was chosen not only because Sydney Hospital was the first Hospital in Australia, but also because it will always maintain the best modern clinical and patient-care standards.

The hospital has seen innumerable changes during its many years serving the community, including its inclusion into the wider health community of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, which supports a culturally and linguistically diverse population of more than 847,000 people across nine local government areas from Sydney’s CBD to the Royal National Park.

The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District's vision is:

Working together to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District's aims are to:

•    Promote, protect and maintain the health of its community

•    Provide safe, quality, timely and efficient care to all who need it

•    Address gaps in health service access and health status

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital shares the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District's Core Values of collaboration, openness, respect and empowerment.


We will work together as a team to provide the best health care for our community.


The decisions we make are transparent and we accept accountability for our actions. Our patients and their carers have a right to know how and why decisions are made and who is making them.


We respect and acknowledge the contribution made by each member of our team in providing the best possible health care for our patients.


We will work with our patients and their carers to enable them to take greater control of their own health care.  We acknowledge that for empowerment to work there must be trust between our patients and all staff involved in the provision of health care.