When You Leave


when%20you%20leave_200.jpgThe healthcare team will work with you and/or your family/carer to plan your discharge and your ongoing care.

Once you have been medically cleared for discharge, arrangements will be made for you to leave the hospital on the agreed day. Discuss your transport arrangements with your healthcare team.

We aim for all patients to be discharged prior to 10.00 am on day of discharge for patients who stay more than one day.

The staff will discuss with you the things you may need on discharge. For example:

  • community services
  • medication information and pharmacy advice
  • follow-up appointments
  • special instructions

If you usually receive community services at home, please let the staff know. Before you leave hospital, the service providers will be contacted so that they can recommence their care. This can be done either by hospital staff, you, your family or carer. Additional services may be organised, in consultation with you, as required.

If you would like to compliment our staff, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Use Patient Opinion to compliment staff. Click here to access the website
  • Talk to your healthcare team or the manager of the area
  • Leave a written message for the staff

If you need to make a complaint, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Talk to the staff, or their manager, caring for you and talk about your concerns 
  • Contact the Patient safety and Clinical Improvement Manager on 02 9382 7323
  • Send a letter to: Patient safety and Clinical Improvement Manager (Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital GPO Box 1614, Sydney, NSW, 2001)
  • Send an email to the Hospital Executive. SESLHD-SSEHExecutiveServices@health.nsw.gov.au

A pharmacist or your nurse will explain the purpose of the medicines you will take home, and answer any questions you may have.

The pharmacist or nurse can:

  • give you written information about each of your medicines

  • give you an individualised handout explaining what medicines you need

  • if necessary, talk with your community pharmacist

Please let your treating doctor know you require a medical certificate before leaving the hospital.

When you go home from hospital you will receive information about your ongoing care needs. Your healthcare team will make appropriate arrangements for these needs.

Make sure you have received your follow up appointment card and special instruction sheet prior to leaving the hospital.

If you need to contact a health care worker before your scheduled follow up appointment, please contact the Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital on 02 93827111.

We welcome and encourage patients and their families to give us feedback about their experiences. Your feedback is important to us and helps us know what we are doing well and where we need to improve. You can provide feedback in different ways. Click here for the patient feedback form.

This is an independent not-for-profit charity, which allows you to share your experience with the hospital and staff who can respond and make a difference.

You can share your stories with us anonymously, no matter how big or small, good or bad, to help us improve our care and service.

You can visit  the Patient Opinion website by clicking here or call Patient Opinion on 1300 662996.

Each story is read and responded to.

Usually only medicines that have been started while in hospital are supplied at discharge. A maximum of 5 days supply is given and you will need to arrange ongoing supplies from your GP.

Before you leave it is very important that you understand what new medicines have been started, what medicines have been stopped or had the dose changed.

Medicines for discharge can take a little time to arrange, and the pharmacy cannot start dispensing them until the doctor has written the discharge prescription. This can be delayed if the doctor has other patients that are requiring review.

If you would like to provide a detailed account of your experience whilst you were at Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital, you can complete a Patient Journey story with a trained staff member while you are in hospital, or after you have gone home. Please contact the Nurse Unit Manager of the ward you were admitted to help you with this.

If you would like feedback in another language, you may ask for an interpreter to help you to speak to your healthcare team about your feedback.

You may also speak to the Patient safety and Clinical Improvement Manager using an interpreter (this is usually done by phone).

All patients need to be taken home by a family or friend after discharge. 

For those who need support we suggest you visit the NSW Community Transport Program website. Click here to access the website.

Where to park?

On-site underground parking available with 'Metro Pty Ltd' pay car park (entrance from Hospital Road).

There is also a limited number of metered parking spaces available on Hospital Road. There is a small amount of free street parking near the hospital but times are limited.

If you use the Metro Car Park, please ask staff about payment options and concession parking.

Click here for more information about concession parking.

Public Transport

Transport Information Line: For information about connections, destinations and timetables for government buses, trains and ferries in and around Sydney, telephone 13 15 00.


check the NSW Transport Trip Planner website for more information. Click here to access the trip planner link.

Train: Martin Place station is directly opposite the hospital and St James station is at the end of Macquarie Street.

Bus: Bus No. 200 stops directly opposite the hospital in Macquarie Street.

Ferries: Circular Quay ferry terminal is 10 minutes’ walk from the hospital.

Remember to collect any valuables you have stored in Security. You will need to sign for them. Talk to your healthcare team when planning your discharge.