Getting Ready for Surgery or a Procedure

This information will help guide you with the steps you need to take before your surgery and to make sure we can provide you with a positive experience.

A nurse will call you between 2-6pm the day before surgery to tell you what time to come to the hospital.

The nurse will ask about your general health and will give you instructions for taking your medicines. (for example, diabetic, blood thinners and blood pressure medicines).

A nurse will call you between 2-6pm on the day before surgery to tell you when you should stop eating and drinking.

You must follow the hospital’s instructions for eating and drinking.

It is important to have an empty stomach to reduce the risk of vomiting whilst under anaesthetic.

For information on fasting, click here.

Please continue wearing any dentures on your day of surgery.

If you have any loose or broken teeth, please see your dentist before your surgery date.

Please have a health check with your family doctor to get advice about the medicines you take.

Your doctor may send you to have more tests such as blood tests, ECG or Chest X-ray.

Please remember to bring the results of these tests with you on your day of surgery.

Do not smoke on your day of surgery.

Stop smoking 6 weeks before your operation to help reduce any risks associated with smoking.

Talk to your family doctor about nicotine replacement therapy.

On arrival please come to the main desk in the Day Procedure Unit (1 West).

After you have given your details to the ward clerk, you will need to wait until a nurse calls you.

You will be asked many times by the staff about the operation you are going to have, and your general health.

These questions are asked to make sure that your health background is known and that you understand the procedure you are having.

Please click on your language for important information before you have surgery.

This includes information about:

  • medicines
  • what to eat and drink
  • things to bring with you to hospital
  • what to do if you have diabetes