Careers and Employment Opportunities

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital offers employment opportunities in a range of fields and professions.

These fields include:

  • Nursing
  • Medical
  • Allied Health
  • Management
  • Support Services

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital is a centre of excellence for Specialist Hand and Ophthalmic conditions. The Hospital treats a mixed socio-economic and culturally diverse population and its services are directed towards meeting a wide range of needs for these people. Our hospital offers a diverse range of medical care in the city and referral centre for rural hand and ophthalmic cases and general medicine.

 A career in nursing at Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital offers excellent and rewarding career opportunities through services in Ophthalmology, Hand surgery, Acute Medical and Emergency.

From the Director of Nursing and Support Services

It is an honour to represent my nursing and support services colleagues in the capacity of Director of Nursing & Support Services at this hospital, and a privilege to work with such a dedicated and professional team of nursing and support staff.

The nursing division at this hospital is committed to promoting the highest standard of care. It is characterised by a sense of teamwork and an environment renowned for being 'friendly'. We have a long history of nursing innovation and are proud to continue to lead the way in practice and innovation across our specialities and nursing workforce initiatives.  

We are committed to the Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital Nursing Values:
• Diversity
• Person Centred
• Compassionate
• Learning
• Teamwork

Our value statement  

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital Nurses embrace diversity to provide compassionate care that is person centred in an environment that supports teamwork and learning.
These overriding principles guide the delivery of nursing care and practice at this hospital, and ensure that our patients are provided with an optimum environment in which to regain their health.

At Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital, we recognise that an essential aspect of health care is the right of the patient to participate in the assessment, implementation and determination of their care. Integral to this process is the need for the nurse to be patient centred and compassionate. We support and encourage this practice amongst our nursing staff.

The wellbeing of our staff continues to be a primary focus and is reflected in our value statement. We offer a number of opportunities for nurses on a professional and personal level and believe that we have something to offer all designations of nursing staff across the career spectrum.
I encourage you to view this website and the range of information we have provided about nursing at this hospital and I look forward to welcoming you to our hospital in the near future.

We encourage and support all nurses to embrace learning opportunities and professional development. The key is facilitating new knowledge and understandings underpinning clinical practice.

Alan Porritt (Director of Nursing & Support Services)



Employment options

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital nurses have a range of opportunities and career choices during their careers. There are a number of employment options and benefits to provide employees with resources, support and flexibility to succeed in their careers.

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital is proud to offer two Transition to Professional Practice Programs:
1.    Transition to Professional Practice - Registered Nurse Program

  • General Stream
  • Perioperative Stream

2.    Transition to Professional Practice - Enrolled Nurse Program

Our programs embrace the four core transition principles of induction, person-centred work culture, learning and development, and support.
The Transition to Professional Practice frameworks are designed to develop and enhance your skills and knowledge as a first year Registered or Enrolled Nurse to implement safe, quality patient care within a supported clinical learning environment. We take great pride in enabling transitioning nurses to develop as caring, compassionate, competent, responsible and accountable nurses.

Registered NurseTransition to Professional Practice (TPP) - Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Recruitment

Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital participates in the centralised transition into professional practice for registered nurses which is undertaken by NSW Health. For further information please click here to visit the NSW Health Nursing TPP site.

Enrolled Nurse Transition into Practice Program

The Transition to Professional Practice for Enrolled Nurses provides an opportunity for newly graduated Enrolled Nurses to undertake two rotations in a variety of units/departments during the 12 month program.  

This program is designed to develop and enhance your skills and knowledge as a first year Enrolled Nurse to implement safe, quality patient care within a supported, clinical learning environment. We are committed to a person-centred and facilitated learning approach, whereby you, as the transitioning nurse, continue to be self-determining and responsible for your learning and professional development.

Contact us

Nurse Manager, Workforce and Staffing

Postal Address: GPO Box 1614, Sydney, NSW 2001

Phone:  (02) 9382 7296


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A career in nursing at SSEH offers the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in a number of specialist care areas.  A pathway to develop your career to a Clinical Nurse Specialist and other enhancement opportunities are available.   For a comprehensive overview of specialist nursing opportunities, visit Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital and NSW Health Jobs for more information. Click here for NSW Health jobs.

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Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital offers a range of Allied Health employment opportunities in clinical areas of:

  • Hand Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Orthoptics
  • Radiology, medical imaging
  • Social Work
  • Dietetics & Nutrition

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Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital offers a range of employment opportunities in Administration, Hotel Services, Engineering and Security.

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Current nursing positions being recruited to can be found on the NSW Health recruitment site. Please follow the link. For any advice please contact the Nurse Manager Nursing Workforce on  (02) 93827296 Monday to Friday during business hours.

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Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital is an exciting place to work for specialists in Ophthalmology, Hands, Emergency Medicine and General Medicine. 

For more information on available opportunities, please contact 9382 7111 and ask for the Workforce Office.