Nutrition and Dietetics Services

Inpatients at Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital can see a Dietitian if they need to.

The Dietitian is at the hospital on a Tuesday and a Friday. The Dietitian is available on other days if necessary.

The Dietitian will talk to you about any issues that may be preventing you from eating. He will make sure that you have a healthy body weight, and help you with an eating plan, if you need it.

Some reasons that you may need to see the Dietitian in hospital are:

• to make sure you receive the proper amount of nutrition
• if you have just been told you have diabetes, or you are starting to take insulin
• help manage kidney or liver disease by eating the right food
• talk about what food you need to eat to help heal your wounds
• to make sure you are getting the proper nutrition before and after your operation
• to help you if you have difficulty with swallowing. The Dietitian and the Speech Therapist will work together on this

The Dietitian does not see patients to help them lose weight. The Dietitian will write a letter to your doctor about this.

The Dietitian does not see outpatients at Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital.

How do I do see the Dietitian whilst I am in hospital?

Ask your doctor or nurse to call the Dietitian for you.