Nutrition and Dietetics Services

Inpatients of Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital are able to access services from the hospital’s Clinical Dietitian.  The Dietitian is on site Tuesdays and Thursdays, with capacity to assist outside these hours via phone or additional visits as required. 

The Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital Dietitian’s services include: 

  • Assessing your current nutrition.  That is, what you are eating, issues affecting your intake and checking your body weight is healthy.
  • Planning your specialised diet.
  • Advising you and your family about your special dietary needs.  If necessary, information about your diet will be provided by the dietitian before your discharge from hospital. 

Reasons that you may need to see the Dietitian in hospital include:

  • Improving your nutrition – it is important to eat well while you are in hospital.  Eating poorly may cause you to become weaker, take a longer time for wounds to heal or make it harder to fight infections.
  • Newly diagnosed diabetes or commencement of insulin 
  • Diet changes to manage kidney or liver disease 
  • Nutrition support for wound healing 
  • Diet for pre and post-surgery
  • Dysphagia – when patients have problems with swallowing (managed in conjunction with the Speech Pathologist) 


  • The Dietitian does not see hospital patients to help them lose weight.  This is something that is referred to your General Practitioner.
  • There are no Dietitian Outpatient services at Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital .

How do I ask for a Dietitian consult while I am in hospital?
Ask your Doctor or Nurse to refer you to the Dietitian.

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