BindiMaps: Indoor and outdoor navigation and wayfinding app

We want to thank the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation for providing the Bindi Maps app to the Hospital.  

BindiMaps is a mobile app that helps patients and visitors find their way around Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital. It is an audio-based navigation app that uses simple, common-sense language.

The app describes where you are, what is around you and the best way to get to where you need to be.     

Patients and visitors can use the app to find their way around the three floors of the main hospital building. These areas include the Eye and Hand Clinics and the medical/surgical wards. 

The app also includes directions to other areas:

  •   Emergency Department
  •   Pharmacy 
  •   Breast Screen NSW 
  •   Pathology Collection Centre

BindiMaps is available as a free download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Click this link or scan the QR code to access.

What is 'BindiMaps?

BindiMaps is an indoor and outdoor navigation app. You can browse or search for a specific destination within our Hospital and BindiMaps will guide you right there using either a map or text and audio directions.

How does it work?

BindiMaps uses Bluetooth beacons placed on ceilings, walls and other fixed structures to locate you and find the best path to your chosen destination.

How much does it cost to download?

BindiMaps is FREE.

Is it available on both iOS and Android?


Do I need an account?

No. BindiMaps does not collect any personal information from you.

Why do I need to turn on Bluetooth?

BindiMaps uses Bluetooth beacons to pinpoint your current location. Imagine that they are the satellites that you connect to when using GPS outdoors.

Do I need location services enabled?

Yes. When you open BindiMaps for the first time, you will be asked for permission to use location services. Some smartphones will also ask for permission to display your “precise location”. The app requires these permissions to be able to direct your effectively.

Does BindiMaps track me?

No. BindiMaps do not collect any personal information that would identify you.