Patient Information

What to bring to Hospital:

  • Nightwear
  • Dressing gown & slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Face washers (if you wish)
  • Medicare card and/or private health insurance details
  • Small amounts of money
  • If needed, reading glasses / hearing aid / dentures and the appropriate storage containers
    Earphones for compact disc players
  • Reading material – books / magazines
  • If needed, a hairdryer, but this will require electrical testing before use
  • Comfortable clothes for the day you are discharged
  • Postage stamps in case you feel like writing a letter

What not to bring to Hospital:

  • Valuables and jewellery
  • Large amounts of money
  • Large portable radio players
  • Portable television sets
  • Video players
  • Bath towels
  • A compact disc / radio / cassette player is located beside each bed, and may be used free of charge.
  • Personal CD’s and tapes may be brought in and played, however the hospital will accept no responsibility for loss or damage.

Visiting hours are officially from 10 am till 1 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm.  There is a quiet period in the afternoon from 1 pm until 4 pm which is strictly enforced to allow patients to have a rest period.

There is a 24 hour telephone interpreter service available at no cost to you. Also face to face interpreters are also regularly used. If an interpreter is required please ask for assistance.

PUBLIC TELEPHONES: There are no public telephones located in the Gynaecological Cancer Centre.  However there are public telephones available on the Randwick Hospitals Campus.
PATIENT TELEPHONES: Bedside telephones are leased through HOS-TEL telephone and television service.

Television sets (with remote controls) are supplied at a rental fee via HOS-TEL. 

A HOS-TEL instruction pamphlet is available upon request from the Macquarie Ward staff.

The patients lounge room is equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge and a television. The facilities are available for you and your family. The Social Work Information Stand is also located in this room.

A daily outgoing and incoming mail service is provided.

Visits can be arranged upon request

A four level car park is located underneath RHW, servicing the whole campus. The car park is accessible from Barker St and Hospital Road and privately run by Metro Parking (Phone 02 926 7081). It serves staff, patients and relatives. There is a fee for using the car park, payable at pay machines located on Level 0, B1 and B4. The fees are displayed on the information board at all the car park entries and the pay stations. You can also buy a discounted 5-day Visitor pass from the Metro parking office on Level B1 (within 24 hours of your car park entry), which will give you unlimited access for 5 consecutive days.

Concession rates are available to frequent visitors who wish purchase a five day pass.

  1. Visitors / outpatients who visit the hospital campus daily are entitled to a pass which enables them multiple accesses to the car park, for 5 consecutive days. This can be purchased at the Metro Parking office, located on level B1 of the car park.
  2. Financially disadvantaged visitors / outpatients (such as Centrelink concession card holder) are entitled to a discounted pass allowing multiple accesses for 5 consecutive days or non consecutive days. This discount will only be available to persons who are visiting chronically ill patients who require daily treatment, and would be financially disadvantaged by payment of the normal concession rates. Applications for this rate need to be accompanied by a brief statement from a relevant health worker or social worker explaining why this concession is required. Application forms are available from the parking office located on level B1.  Concession approval is processed by RHW Hospital or the Social Work Department on Level 3.
  3. If you have a concession card you can apply for a 5-day concession pass.


  • Please ask at Social Work reception for an application form.
  • There are two pages in this form:
    • Page 1: your name and car registration details.
    • Page 2: the concession card number/Centrelink reference number.
  • We will fax the completed form to Campus Corporate Services. Please allow 24 hours for approval. The Campus Manager will email Metro Parking to let them know that you are eligible and that approval has been granted.

If you are facing a long hospitalisation and will need long-term care, you can apply for a concessional 5-day pass on hardship grounds. This is granted in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Metro Parking.


  • Please ask at Social Work reception for an application form.
  • Complete both pages of the application form and provide:
    • Registration details of your car and your signature.
    • Detailed outline of loss of income, unexpected expenses, possible length of hospital stay.
  • We will fax the completed forms for assessment to Campus Corporate Services.
  • The approval process may take several days. Metro Parking advises you to buy a 5-day pass as a first step. This is less expensive than paying on a daily basis.


  • Approval for concessional parking cannot be back-dated.
  • The Social Work Department is not notified of the outcome of your application. We suggest asking the Metro Parking staff directly, at their enquiry desk on Level B1.
  • There will be no refund on any unused part of either pass.
  • As parking rates change, you need to find out current charges from Metro Parking.

There is no on-site accommodation available on the Campus.

Many local hotels and motels offer special “Hospital” rates for relatives.
Please enquire when booking.

These are located:

  • Ground floor, RHW, adjacent to the baby gift shop.
  • Ground floor, Prince of Wales Hospital.
  • Ground floor, Sydney Children’s Hospital.
  • Level 7, Prince of Wales Private Hospital.