Antenatal Ward / Pregnancy Day Stay

Pregnancy Day Stay Unit

Occasionally complications may arise during pregnancy which call for closer monitoring of mother and baby. The Pregnancy Day Stay Unit provides for this closer observation, without the need for admission into hospital. The aim is always to keep mother and baby as healthy as possible right up to the due date.

The mother may spend up to four hours in the unit, where both her condition and that of her baby are closely monitored by an experienced midwife. The information gathered assists the medical staff, along with the mother, plan her ongoing care.

Antenatal Ward

Sometimes, women may develop complications during pregnancy that can best be cared for as an inpatient. If this is the case, the mother may be admitted to the Antenatal Ward.

Experienced midwives work with obstetric staff to care for mothers admitted to the Antenatal Ward.

The most common reasons a pregnant woman may need to be hospitalised are:

  • High blood pressure, including pre-eclampsia
  • Bleeding
  • Rupture of the membranes, well before the due date
  • Threatened premature labour
  • Women requiring an Induction of Labour; this process is begun on the Antenatal Ward
  • Women who have experienced pregnancy loss may also be admitted to this ward for postnatal care.


  • Women from rural and remote areas, who may deliver a preterm baby needing care in the Neonatal intensive care unit, are admitted to the Antenatal Ward while still pregnant, as this is safest for their baby.
  • Our staff understand how difficult it is for these families needing care so far from home, and our social workers are there to help also.
  • Women who may have a preterm baby have the opportunity to discuss their baby’s care with staff from the Neonatal nursery. They are also supported and given information to help them breastfeed their babies. 

Close Observation Unit

The Close Observation Unit (COO) is a small unit of 5 beds staffed by experienced midwives and nurses, obstetric and anaesthetic staff.

High dependency care is available to both maternity, gynaecology and gynaecology/oncology patients.

  • Some women can become very unwell either before or after giving birth. Within our Acute Care Unit they may be cared for while remaining with their babies, enabling them to bond normally and breastfeed. 
  • Almost half of the patients in the Acute Care Unit have been admitted following extensive gynaecological or gynaecology/oncology surgery. These are patients who require intensive nursing and medical care until they are well enough to be transferred back to either the gynaecology or gynaecology/oncology ward. The Pain service, physiotherapists and psychologist are also available for these patients.