Pregnancy Planning, Lifestyle and Nutrition (PLaN)

PLaN is a pre-pregnancy planning clinic.  This educational initiative has been developed for women and their partners considering pregnancy, providing information about the need for a healthy lifestyle, nutritional supplementation and general advice to optimise their pregnancy.  For more information click HERE.

PLaN Clinic

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Please have a look at our pregnancy planning factsheets for more information.

Planning for healthy pregnancy - factsheets


Not Pregnant, Just Looking

Not Pregnant, Just Looking” is a 2 hour information session and tour developed by the PLaN team for couples planning a pregnancy.

Sessions are held on a Tuesday evening every few months at the Royal Hospital for Women Lecture Theatre, Level 1 Women’s Health Institute.

This session provides information by a geneticist and midwife to couples planning a pregnancy in a small interactive environment. It includes similar information provided in the PLaN clinic and discusses models of care available for women who choose to birth at the Royal Hospital for Women.

Although participants can ask general questions during the session they will not be able to have an individual risk assessment  as they would in the PLaN clinic.  Participants in “Not Pregnant, Just Looking” are welcome to attend the PLaN clinic if they have any specific questions or concerns.

Time :  Tuesdays 7 - 9 pm 

Dates: 20th July, 16th November 2021

For further information, please contact the PLAN midwife

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Cost for the ‘Not Pregnant Just Looking’ session is $25 per couple.

Preconception Service

The Royal Hospital for Women provides a preconception service for women and their partners who have a history of complex medical conditions and are planning a pregnancy. 

GP or specialist referral is required.

Medicare billing is available.

Referrals to this service can be faxed to 9382 6118.


Genetic Counseling Service

The Royal Hospital for Women provides genetic counseling for couples with a personal and family history of a genetic condition. 

Referrals are required. Please complete referral and email to