Medical Imaging (Radiology)

How we can help you (What we do?)

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital Medical Imaging Department provides General X-ray, Ultrasound, CT Scanning and Theatre Fluoroscopy services to patients attending the hospital.

Who we care for?

Any person (with a referral) for one of the above Imaging examinations who attends the hospital.

Who are we? 

Radiologist, Radiographers, Sonographers and clerical support staff.

Our partners

Hospital Doctors, Nurses and Local General Practitioners.

Our services 

  • General X-ray
  • Computed Tomography (Including CT Angiography)
  • Ultrasound
  • Theatre Fluoroscopy

Do I need a Referral?


Do I need an appointment?

For Ultrasound and CT Scans usually. General X-ray occasionally.  Please call us (02) 9382 7080 to check.  At this time we will also inform you about any preparation that may be required.

Do I have to pay?

Medicare Eligible patients will have the procedure bulk-billed.  

Work Cover claimants will not have to pay if the hospital has full information regarding the claim.

Other patients will have to pay a fee at our cashier before the examination is undertaken.  Please contact us for information about the fee.

Where do I get the result of my Imaging Examination?

From the Referring Doctor. 

How long will I have to wait for the result?

This varies so please ask us. Most radiology images are usually reported within 48 hours.

Who is eligible to use our services?

Anyone with an appropriate referral. Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital Radiology accepts all radiology referrals.

Making and cancelling an appointment 

Please telephone us on (02) 9382 7080

What to bring

It is essential to bring the referral and a Medicare card if you wish to be bulk-billed.
Any similar radiological examinations that were performed outside of our practice may also be useful.

Do you need an interpreter? 

If you cannot speak or understand English a professional Interpreter is important.  Please ask the staff for assistance to arrange an interpreter. 

Where to park?

Parking is available in the Metro car park via Hospital Road.

General Radiography, Ultrasound and CT scanning.

Patient Information for General x-rays, Ultrasound and CT scanning are available at Radiology reception