Social Work

How we can help you (What we do?)

The Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital Social Work team offer counselling and practical assistance to help patients, family members, friends and carers to deal with any issues or concerns that may arise from an illness or being in hospital. This includes:

  • Adjusting to illness and change
  • Anxiety about your hospital stay
  • Stress and distress
  • Planning for how you will cope when you leave hospital
  • Help at home after you leave hospital
  • Information about community services including psychological support
  • Coping with loss and grief and trauma
  • Supporting someone with a terminal illness
  • Information about services including Centrelink, Housing NSW, IPTAAS, ComPacks and Work Cover

We can also provide you with information about other agencies and services.

Who we care for?

We are available to support inpatients and outpatients who attend Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital for treatment as well as family members, friends and carers of patients.

Who are we?

Our team consists of three social workers who work across the Emergency Department, Hand Unit, Ophthalmology Unit and General Medicine Ward to provide counselling and practical support to patients, family members and carers.

Our Partners

We work in partnership with your health care team as well as other external agencies and community services to assist in your overall care and wellbeing.

We work alongside our Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer (AHLO) to ensure that the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and families are met.