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The Fertility and Research Centre

The Fertility and Research Centre is a multi-disciplinary centre for clinical excellence and research in fertility. 

The centre is located within the Royal Hospital for Women. Not only do we lead the delivery of affordable fertility care in Australia, we specialise in fertility preservation treatments – particularly in that of children and young adults.

We serve as a clinical and academic teaching and training centre, as well as an arena for world-class translational research in assisted reproduction, clinical genetics and fertility preservation. 


Affordable Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatment assists people to conceive and have a baby. Infertility is the term used when couples have not been able to conceive after 12 months of regular unprotected sex when the woman is under 35 years of age. Or, when the couple has not been able to conceive after 6 months of regular unprotected sex when the woman is 35 years of age or over.

  • You will need a referral from your GP for both you and your partner before an appointment can be made at our clinic.

Fertility Preservation

We specialise in fertility preservation treatments for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis, particularly children and young adults.

  • You will need a referral from your GP or specialist.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS)

EPAS provides outpatient care for women who have a known miscarriage or who have pain and/or bleeding in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic
  • Obstetric Medicine Clinic
  • Reproductive Endocrine Clinic
  • Reproductive Survivorship Clinic
  • Urology Clinic
  • Andrology Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Services
  • Donor Services

Affordable Fertility Treatments

Prior to attending your initial consultation at the FRC we ask all patients to attend your GP to have the following investigations ordered (please refer to https://www.fertilityandresearchcentre.com.au/get-started)

In your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to speak with fertility consultant and their team and go through your medical history and investigation results. Intending patients and their partners must attend this consultation. Depending on the results of the investigations, the clinician may order additional tests and rebook you for a follow-up appointment. They will also discuss what treatments are available to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy and schedule a follow-up appointment to sign consents for the treatment they recommend. Please arrive on time for your appointment and bring in your Medicare card and photo ID. Our administrative team members will then ensure all your personal details are correct.

Fertility Preservation

Once a referral has been received the FRC will contact you within 2 business days to arrange a consultation and investigations.

Early Pregnancy Clinic:

On arrival to the EPAS the woman and/or partner are initially seen and triaged by a midwife who will take a brief history, retrieve scan and blood test results that have been previously completed, particularly blood group, Full Blood Count and ßhCG (pregnancy hormone). The midwife will also offer information, support and counselling as needed by the woman and their partner.

The woman is then seen by either a Resident (doctor) or Registrar (doctor) attending the clinic. The doctor will take a detailed history, and may perform an abdominal and/or vaginal examination. An ultrasound scan and further blood tests will also be ordered. In some cases a formal scan is ordered in the Ultrasound Department of the RHW. At the end of the visit the patient is informed of the blood and scan results. If the pregnancy is ongoing the women are discharged back to the care of their GP.

Women requiring a surgical procedure are admitted, generally to the Day Surgery Unit or the Gynaecology Ward. For some women further blood tests and/or scans are required before a diagnosis can be made, in which case follow up appointments are made to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Service. Women can expect to be at EPAS for approximately 3-4 hours.

Affordable Fertility Treatment:

  • NSW Residents
  • IVF Treatment is only available to women under the age of 41 years.
  • We offer other affordable fertility treatments to women under 43 years.

Fertility Preservation:

  • NSW Residents
  • Cancer diagnosis includes males/ females of reproductive age as well as children and young adults.
  • Can be pre or post cancer treatment.


  • NSW Residents
  • Women who have bleeding and/or pain before 20 weeks pregnancy
  • Women who require a  ßhCG follow up
  • Women who have had an ectopic pregnancy treated as an outpatient with methotrexate
  • Women who are having a miscarriage treated non surgically 
  • Women with a non viable pregnancy on ultrasound.

  • Fertility Treatment: 3-4 months depending on clinician.
  • Fertility Preservation: You will be contacted by the Fertility and Research Centre within 2 business days of receiving your referral.
  • EPAS Services: As required

  • Copy of relevant medical diagnosis
  • Investigations
  • Previous treatments (if applicable)
  • Referral
  • Medicare Card