Bone Densitometry

Osteoporosis is a chronic disease that results in bone fragility and low trauma fractures.  It typically affects older persons, with over 70% of fractures occurring in women and men over 70 years of age.  In particular, bone loss is increased in women after the menopause with 2 out of every 3 women affected after the age of 60. 

Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) is the gold standard imaging used for the diagnosis of osteoporosis.  There are a number of effective treatments available, which can be offered in conjunction with optimising dietary calcium intake, and strength and resistance exercise.

Body composition measurements determine the different tissue proportions of fat, lean muscle and bone in our body.

The Royal Hospital for Women Bone Densitometry Service offers:

  • DXA measurements of spine and proximal femur
  • DXA measurement of other clinical sites (eg radius) if requested or if spine or femur are unable to be imaged
  • Whole body composition
  • Trabecular bone score to assess bone architecture

Clinic Days and Times: 

Monday to Friday  - 8am to 4.30pm


Dr. Amanda Beech

if you have condition that affects your bone health, a referral from your GP or specialist physician is required.  You will be bulk billed under Medicare in this case.

If you do not have a bone health issue OR if you do not fall into a Medicare rebate category a service fee between $80 to $130 will be charged.

  • We use DXA imaging to assess bone density and total body composition in both adults and children.
  • We provide support and services for clinical trials and studies involving osteoporosis.
  • We provide imaging support to the Secondary Fracture Prevention Service at the Royal Hospital for Women and the Prince of Wales Hospital, a comprehensive multidisciplinary service which aims to optimise bone health through specialist endocrinology and physiotherapy care.

People, aged 5 and above, who require assessment of bone health or body composition.

A simple non-invasive scanning procedure, lasting about 15 minutes.

People referred by their GP’s or medical specialists for DXA imaging for investigation or management of osteoporosis, or for body composition testing to assess for fat, lean muscle and bone proportions.

  • GP Referral
  • Medicare card,
  • We accept EFTPOS, master and visa card if paying for our service