Bone Density & Body Composition

This service provides Bone Density Assessments and Body Composition Assessments for both adult and children.

Clinic Days and Times: 

Monday to Friday  - 8am to 4.30pm


Dr. Amanda Beech

Making an Appointment:

if you have condition that affects your bone health, a referral from your GP is required.  You will be bulk billed under Medicare in this case.

If you do not have a bone health issue OR if you do not fall into a Medicare rebate category a service fee between $80 to $130 will be charged.

  • We assess and report on matters in relating to osteoporosis and full body composition in both adult and children.
  • We also undertake in clinical trials and studies relative to osteoporosis.
  • Our aim is to improve bone health.

People from age 5 and above who have bone health issues.

A simple non-invasive scanning procedure to obtain bone health result.

People who are facing bone health issues. People seeking muscle mass and/or visceral fat composition.

  • GP Referral
  • Medicare card,
  • We accept EFTPOS, master and visa card if paying for our service