Policies and Procedures

Title Document Number Date approved
Abdominal Evaluation In Blunt Trauma   Under Review
Assessment and Management of Acute Adult Traumatic Brain Injury in ED and Trauma wards using A-WPTAS and PTA SESLHDPR/737 Dec 2022
Burn Injury Resources ACI Guideline Apr 2019
Burns Transfer Guidelines   Jun 2020
Cervical Collar and Spinal Brace - Management and Care of a Patient Requiring SGH-TSH CLIN 767 Mar 2023
Cervical Spine Management in the Emergency Department (ED) SESLHDGL/102 Sep 2022
Chest Drain Insertion And Underwater Seal Drain (UWSD) Management - SGH SGH CLIN 145 Nov 2021
Code Crimson – Trauma SGH CLIN 548 Jan 2022
Dental Trauma Management   Under Review
Emergency Airway Management in the Trauma Patient NSW ITIM Guideline Jan 2017
Helicopter Operating Procedures - St George Hospital SGH CLIN 300 Oct 2021
Initial Management of Closed Head Injury in Adults NSW Health PD2012_013 Feb 2012
Management Of Blunt Thoracic Injury - Incorporating The - Chest Injury Pager (ChIP) SGH CLIN 698 Feb 2022
Management of the Pregnant Trauma Patient SGH CLIN 159 Sep 2020
Massive Transfusion Protocol SGH CLIN 217 Sep 2020
Mild Head Injury Discharge Advice 
Advice in other languages
Brochure 2007
(Current Version June 2021)
Paediatric – Management of the critically injured child in ED, SGH SGH BR 758 Dec 2022
Paediatric - Paediatric Surgical Service Level Agreement – SGH SGH BR 757 Dec 2022
Paediatric Trauma SCHN 2015-6000 Sep 2020
PATCH - Paediatric Acute Trauma Care Hotline SCHN  
Pelvic Fracture Management   Under Review
Radiographer Response To Emergency Department Trauma Activation – SGH SGH CLIN 701 Nov 2021
Thoracotomy ED SGH CLIN Under Review
Trauma Hotline Use and Referral Procedure - St George Hospital SESLHDPR/381 Jun 2021
Trauma/Aged Care Service Level Agreement   Under Review
Trauma Triage Activation Criteria – St George Hospital SGH CLIN 372 Under Review
Traumatic Brain Injury – Multidisciplinary Care and Management SGH CLIN 382 Mar 2022
Urethral Injury – Evaluation of Suspected Urethral Injury in Trauma SGH CLIN 700 Nov 2021
Whole body CT scan   Under Review