Staff at Gynaecology Oncology

Staff Details

Department Fax No :  9382 6200

Name Position Contact Details

Dr Ramanand Athavale 
MD.  FRCOG.  CCT (Gynae Onc, O&G)

Director Contact via secretary:  9382 6290
Dr. Greg Robertson  MBBS. MRCOG. FRACOG. CGO. Staff Specialist Contact via secretary:  9382 6290

Dr King Man Wan  MBBS (Hons.) MPH FRANZCOG CGO

Staff Specialist Contact via secretary:  9382 6290
Dr Anthony Proietto  BSc(Med); MB BS; FRACOG; FRCOG; CGO Visiting Medical Officer Contact via secretary:  9382 6290
Dr Yeh Chen Lee Medical Oncologist

9382 6240 or 9382 6229
Fax 9382 6274

Prof Michael Friedlander Medical Oncologist  
Prof Michael Jackson and Dr Stephen Thompson Radiation Oncologists  
Dr. Michael Campion Preinvasive Disease Contact via the Colposcopy Clinic: 9382 6240.
  Psychologist 9382 6230.
  Social Worker 9382 6697 / 9382 6670.
Sally Watts
RN, Onc Cert, Stomal Therapist, Masters Health Leadership and Management 
Nursing Unit Manager 9382 6297
  Clinical Nurse Consultant 9382 6229.
0417 944 297
Ellen Barlow RN, BN, MN(Hons) Surgical Care Coordinator, Clinical Nurse Consultant 9382 6230.
Jennifer Duggan Clinical Nurse Consultant  
Leanne Sampson,
RN BN, Grad Cert Onc Nursing
  9382 6235
Catherine Rowney,
  9382 6235


They are fully qualified specialists in the management of gynaecological cancer.
Staff Specialist: Dr. Greg Robertson

They are gynaecologists, many of whom are from overseas, who are completing sub-specialist training in the treatment of gynaecological cancer at RHW.

They are Doctors training to become specialists

They are Doctors who are doing some general training rotations prior to deciding whether or not to undertake specialist training

No longer is a palliative specialist regarded simply as a Doctor who only treats those patients with an incurable disease. Nowadays it is more common for them to deal with symptoms caused by cancer, such as pain, vomiting and constipation.

If you have significant symptoms you may find that the palliative specialist or their registrar becomes involved in your care from the time of your diagnosis. 

Palliative Care Physician: Dr Roseanne Moses.

Professor Michael Friedlander
Dr Yeh Chen Lee
You will be referred to these Doctors if you require chemotherapy

They will visit you both pre-operatively in the day surgery unit, and post-operatively on the ward.

They will provide you with information regarding breathing and mobilisation exercises that you will use after your surge
You will be visited daily until you are mobile and independent.

The Gynaecological Cancer Care Centre has its own psychologist who is available to counsel and advise you, your family and your friends during this often very traumatic time.

The psychologist is also available for ongoing follow-up counselling if needed.

The Social Worker can provide assistance to you and your family with matters including travel, accommodation, parking, and can provide resources and referrals to community services after your discharge, if required.

MACQUARIE WARD: During your stay in hospital, you will be cared for by nurses who have a recognised expertise in the care of women with cancer. Many of who have completed extra training in oncology, wound care and women’s health, ensuring comprehensive care for the duration of your stay.
THE CHEMOTHERAPY CLINIC: Specially trained nurses who work closely with the medical oncologists in organising each of your treatments. They administer the chemo and monitor the effects.
THE OUTPATIENT CLINIC: Nurses working closely with the gynaecological oncologists who will assist you during your outpatient visits.