Reproductive Medicine Department

The Department of Reproductive Medicine provides an integrated, and thorough service for men and women experiencing reproductive health problems.

We receive referrals from around NSW and have a number of fully accredited Reproductive Endocrinology sub-specialists. 

The Department provides a multi-disciplinary approach for men and women with reproductive health concerns including infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, problems in early pregnancy (miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy) recurrent miscarriage and fertility preservation. We provide full clinical workup and management within a team of clinicians, surgeons, midwives, scientists, and counsellors. The workup and treatment is covered by Medicare where possible.

Treatment options for men and women with infertility include ovulation induction, reproductive surgery, super-ovulation and intrauterine insemination, and the donor insemination program. If more advanced treatment is required then continuity of care can be maintained. 

The success rate of fertility treatment will depend on factors including cause of infertility, age and weight.  Individual results therefore vary with individual circumstances.

How to choose an IVF clinic and understand success rate :  Questions to ask when choosing an IVF clinic  

Please refer to FSA website for lifestyle guidelines when trying to achieve a pregnancy

For women with problems in early pregnancy we run a Monday to Friday service and take referrals from GPs, patients and the POW Emergency Department. This provides an excellent service with immediate access to blood testing, ultrasound assessment and management as required. We offer both medical and surgical options for women with miscarriage or ectopic pregnancies.

For men and women undergoing treatment which may impair fertility we offer rapid access to counselling and fertility preservation options.



The NSW Government is investing resources over four years to expand the availability of low cost IVF treatment at government supported IVF clinics which includes the Royal Hospital for Women.

The Royal Hospital for Women is also a statewide fertility preservation service for younger cancer patients.

For more information visit the NSW Health website :