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Culturally Sensitive Healthcare

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) strives to ensure all services and facilities are respectful of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, and mindful of the barriers faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The District utilises the skills and knowledge of Aboriginal Health Workers, along with two formal training packages: Respecting the Difference and Addressing Racism in Health.

Aboriginal Health Workers

As part of their roles, the Aboriginal Health Workers provide information and guidance to other SESLHD staff to increase their understanding of culture, barriers for community, and enhance their ability to provide culturally responsive care. 

Find contact details for SESLHD's Aboriginal Health Workers here.


Respecting the Difference

Respecting the Difference: An Aboriginal Cultural Training Framework for NSW Health (RTD) is intended to greatly increase the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the state. It is compulsory for all employees to complete this training when they first join the NSW Health workforce. 

The RTD training is made up of two components; and online module and a Face-to-Face training session delivered by an experienced Aboriginal facilitator.

The aim of the RTD training is to increase the awareness of all NSW Health staff about the barriers faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people when accessing healthcare and give them the tools needed to provide culturally safe care. 

Find more information about the Respecting the Difference training here


Addressing Racism in Health Care

In 2020, SESLHD developed and implemented a staff training package highlighting the need for a safer workplace and healthcare system for people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin and other Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.

The training package explains the need for bystander intervention and aims to provide staff with the knowledge and confidence to stand and say "that's not ok" when they witness racism or discrimination between staff, patients, and staff and patients. 


Asking the Question

In May, 2022, SESLHD will launch a project called "Asking the Question" which is aimed at increasing the recording of Aboriginality for our patients and consumers.

The focus of the project is to increase understanding for both staff and consumers about the importance of identifying and recording Aboriginality correctly, to ensure that, as a District, we can provide the best, most culturally responsive care to our consumers now, as well as planning for the future.

Find more information about Asking the Question here.