Short St Centre offers a free, short-term counselling service for clients around sex and sexual health concerns. The counsellor has understanding of the psychosocial impact of being diagnosed with HIV and/or STIs as well as other sexual health issues.  The counselling service is confidential and non-judgemental. 

Some common reasons why clients may like to see the counsellor include:

  • Newly diagnosed with HIV
  • Newly diagnosed with STI such as genital herpes
  • Questions around sex and sexuality
  • Relationship issues – including negotiating sexual relationships
  • STI and HIV anxiety
  • Helping with contact tracing if you are diagnosed with HIV or another STI
  • Feeling anxious or depressed

The counsellor can also help clients with referrals to other services – these might include:

  • Domestic violence and family support services
  • Specialised drug and alcohol services
  • Assistance with financial aid and Centrelink
  • Mental health services

The aim of counselling is to work with clients to improve their wellbeing and to help clients bring about effective change in their lives.  Please let the Doctor or Nurse know if you would like to see the counsellor or call 9113 2742.