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Condoms, lubricant and safe sex packs can be provided. 

Services that work in partnership with the HARP Unit are able to distribute condoms to young people freely. See the Condom Protocol here to support your organisation to do this.

These materials are available to support your health promotion activities. They include Play Safe NSW Health branded items for young people; Aboriginal branded safe sex packs and other items; red ribbons and hepatitis campaign materials are available also. 



The Working with Young People around Sexual Health Resource Kit. This kit includes tools for workers and services to support them to better engage with young people around sexual health. It includes ready to use tools for organisations; better practice guidelines and templates for workers on how to do sexual health work inclusively and includes games games games! The games are designed to start conversations and to convey the key sexual health messages young people need to support their sexual health decision making. 

The full resource kit can be found online or talk to the HARP Unit about accessing the limit edition hard copies available.

A wide range of viral hepatitis educational resources, targeting both health professionals and community members, are available completely free of charge.  These include written and video resources, as well as specific websites.  Numerous resources target specific sub-populations, including people who inject drugs, Aboriginal people, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; and many are available in plain (easy-to-read) English and/or in multiple languages. 

Check the links here and here for resources targeting community members, and here for those targeting health workers.

Hepatitis resources and information 

Hepatitis B resources in community languages

Hepatitis and HIV / STI resources from ASHM


Open Your Mouth Assessment and Referral Tool for health care professionals (HCPs) providing services for people with HIV. The assessment and referral tool is designed to help HIV HCPs to include oral health screening and education during their consults with people with HIV (link to Albion Centre website)

Open Your Mouth. A guide to maintaining a healthy mouth for people with HIV.
The booklet provides essential information relating to oral health emphasising information relating to maintaining a healthy mouth, including: eating and drinking habits, tips to effectively clean teeth and dentures, common oral health problems in people with HIV, tips in managing some of the symptoms of common oral health problems and a self-assessment tool

A series of oral health webinars focusing on HIV, nutrition, and oral health. These webinars aims to update and equip health care professionals to: identify oral health problems in people with HIV, discuss the effects of drug use on oral health, discuss the links between HIV, nutrition and oral health, conduct brief oral health interventions and appropriately refer patients for oral health treatment