Careers in Nursing and Midwifery

Whether you are still at school or have already left, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District is well placed to help you investigate nursing and midwifery as possible future career options.

Studying to Become a Nurse

The following courses are available in New South Wales:

Bachelor of Nursing - the professional, university-based option to become a registered nurse.

Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse) - the pre-service training option to become an enrolled nurse - Note that this qualification may provide credit towards an undergraduate nursing degree should you wish to continue studying to become a registered nurse.

Assistant in Nursing (Working in the Acute Care Environment) - a vocational option for people wanting to acquire basic skills for working in the health care industry. Courses at this level can enhance access to the Diploma of Nursing.

Studying to Become a Midwife

The Bachelor of Midwifery (Direct Entry) allows students to become midwives without first completing a degree in nursing.

Post graduate midwifery for registered nurses wanting to become registered midwives.


Making the Decision

Here are some practical suggestions that may help inform your decision about nursing and/or midwifery as possible career choices:

  • become a volunteer at your local hospital
  • attend university or TAFE open days
  • visit careers markets and health industry expos
  • visit the NSW Health Nursing & Midwifery website
  • speak to nurses and midwives about their experiences