Student Compliance

Detailed information can be found on the HETI ClinConnect Student Compliance website.

SESLHD provides a Student Compliance service for the following Education Providers:

  • UTS
  • UNSW
  • TAFE Sydney Institute
  • ACAP

Allow 5 business days for a response

Forms & Documents required for Student Compliance


Australian National Police Check

Issued by an Australian Criminal Inteligence Commission (ACIC) accredited body.

If a charge or conviction is listed, you must apply for a Clinical Placement ClearanceThis application must be done within 3 months of your placement (evidence will be required).

Overseas Police Check

(overseas students only)

Overseas students are required to provide a National Police Check from their home country or any country they have resided in since turning 18 years of age.  If they cannot provide this police check, they can sign the Overseas Student Statutory Declaration.

Student Undertaking/Declaration

Please read and tick the appropriate responses in PARTS 1-4 (please note PART 5 does not apply to students undergoing clinical placements).

Tuberculosis (TB) Assessment Tool

Please read and tick the appropriate responses in PARTS A-C.

Students who were born in, lived in, or travelled to High TB Incidence countries may need further screening for TB.

ALL High TB Incidence countries ever lived in or visited MUST be included in Part C of the Assessment Tool.

Blood Borne Virus Declaration

Only required for students from the following disciplines:

  • Medicine
  • Midwifery
  • Paramedicine
  • Dentistry & Oral Health
Code of Conduct Agreement Students must have read the full Code of Conduct before signing the Agreement. Do not submit a signed copy of the Code of Conduct Policy document - only the one page Agreement is to be completed/signed and submitted.
Evidence of all required vaccinations and serology (blood tests)

What vaccines do I need?

Vaccination Record Card for Health Care Workers and Students

Evidence of Vaccinations

I don't have evidence of my Hepatitis B vaccinations, but I have a good recollection of having them: you may be eligible to complete a Hep B Vaccination Declaration, but it must be signed by an authorised immunisation assessor

How do I access the Australian Immunisation Register? 

Initial & Follow up Assessments  (NOTE: Responses may take up to 5 business days)

Students enrolled at UTS, UNSW, TAFESI, and ACAP may send their documents for assessment to:

  • For first assessments, you MUST include a copy of your Student ID,  Signed Code of Conduct Agreement, Completed Appendixes 6 & 7, your Police Check without convictions (and an overseas one if in Australia on a student VISA) and evidence of the required vaccinations and serology. A BBV Declaration is required for Medicine & Midwifery students only. An Outcomes Receipt will be issued for first assessments only.
  • For secondary and all subsequent assessments, include a copy of the Outcomes Receipt issued at your first assessment and your Education Provider issued Student ID.
  • The Student Surname and ID number must be in the Subject Field of the email
  • An Education Provider issued email must be used when sending Police Checks for update.