Collage of HARP activities

Projects for people who inject drugs


Coordination of a Community Sharps management Committee for the South Eastern Sydney area. The committee meets quarterly and includes membership from local councils, Family and Community Services, SESLHD departments, The Pharmacy Guild and Diabetes Australia.

To facilitate the provision of accessible and acceptable health services to marginalised communities, we seek consumer and community input into our service delivery. 

We use the Harwood Community Conversations model to engage with people who inject drugs in the St George and Sutherland areas.  This model encourages authorities to “turn outwards” by dropping their own agendas to focus instead on developing an in-depth understanding of the community’s shared aspirations and concerns.  Using this approach, we consider people who inject drugs as citizens who want to be part of the solutions that create a more cohesive community and who have the capacity to make a difference.