Business Intelligence and Efficiency Unit (BIEU)

The BIEU assists SESLHD to be recognised as a highly proficient leading organisation, providing innovative and best practice care to the community. Specifically demonstrating leadership and innovation in development of intelligent information to facilitate achieving high levels of performance and redesign by providing feedback and reports on performance, trends, benchmarking, prediction, tools and models.

OrBiT Tools
The BIEU has established a robust local reporting platform referred to as OrBiT (Organisation Reporting and Business Intelligence for Transformation), which is a key enabler in the delivery of Safe, Person-centred and Integrated Care and other SESLHD strategic priorities. The OrBiT Dashboards enable SESLHD staff members to review data in a timely manner and provides greater transparency of data and information, which can lead to an increase in activity and performance engagement. The implementation of Dashboards is driving efficiency through automation and collective data delivery. This approach reduces the workload of SESLHD staff members at the facility sites. Uniform data is provided at a site specific granular level without the requirement of multiple individuals across the district attempting to extract and manipulate the data. The Business Intelligence team work to gather information and coordinate input to ultimately provide a tool that is of benefit to other staff members. The team diligently listens to feedback, problem solve issues and work with others for the successful implementation of the dashboards.

Data Quality
The accurate capture of data and its quality is critical to understanding the care provided to our patients and for receiving the appropriate funding for activity in accordance with the delivery of Better Value healthcare as part of the SESLHD Strategic Priorities. BIEU continues to facilitate a structured approach to data quality improvement. The BIEU is also leading the implementation of the Locally Enabled Analytics for Improved Performance (LEAP) project. 

Data Governance
The SESLHD Data Governance and Information Management Project has been progressing since May 2017, as an improvement program originating within BIEU. The aim of the project is to standardise data collection, maintenance, access and reporting for improved development of business intelligence reporting tools and transparency of data processes and delivery. A key initiative under this project includes the establishment of a SESLHD best-practice Data Governance Policy and Framework to enhance organisational data governance maturity. The project will ultimately deliver the structures and decision making processes to facilitate the appropriate management of data and providing the development of a ‘single source of truth’, allowing access to reliable data across the district.

Performance Reports
The BIEU coordinates the production of numerous clinical and corporate performance reports based on the SESLHD Service Level Agreement for key organisation committees, including the Integrated Performance Report provided to the SESLHD Board Finance and Performance Sub-committee. These reports are essential for the dissemination of clear and accurate information regarding the performance of the district and its facilities.