Clinical Streams

SESLHD adopted the clinical stream model to provide a process for clinician engagement in management in healthcare.

Within SESLHD, the role of the streams is to:

  • Support safe and high quality patient care, including consistency of quality clinical outcomes across the LHD,
  • Lead Service Rationalisation projects by coordinating district wide involvement and spreading local innovations,
  • Improve equity of outcomes, equity of access, and equity of quality across the district at an international, best practice level,
  • Ensure consistent performance across the district,
  • Lead strategic direction and service planning,
  • Develop and assist implementation of Models of Care,
  • Translators of research and innovation,
  • Drive quality and safety,
  • Coordinate responses to the pillars,
  • Coordinate standardisation of relevant policies and guidelines,
  • Promote standardisation,
  • Reduce unwarranted clinical variation,
  • Provide advice and recommendations regarding the best use and resourcing  of medical  workforce across the district, and
  • Support site based quality and improvement projects.