CIMT - St George

How do I sign up?

Hopefully by now you know a bit about CIMT and you are planning to sign up. 

Signing up

Step 1: Make sure you have done our eligibility quiz and have answered yes to all the questions.

Step 2: If you need further information contact us.

Step 3: Refer yourself or have someone else refer you by printing this referral form, filling it in and sending it back to us. Please provide a valid telephone number.

Step 4: You will be contacted to complete a phone and/or in person screening appointment. This is to make sure that you meet the criteria for the program.

Step 5: Speak to your GP, Neurologist or Rehabilitation Specialist about the program and ask them to give you medical clearance. They can fill out this form at your next appointment.

Step 6: You will be booked in for one of our clinics throughout the year. See here for the scheduled dates. You may be given the option of attending at any of our three hospital sites: Prince of Wales Hospital (Randwick), St George Hospital (Kogarah) or Sutherland Hospital (Caringbah).  If you can’t attend a specific location, this is fine however you may be placed on a waiting list for the site of your choice.

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