CIMT - St George

What should I expect?

We do not have many available places in this program. So we need your full commitment.


The program runs for 10 weekdays and your attendance is required every day.


Initial Visit

  • You will attend an appointment for your pre-clinic assessment a few days prior to your start date. At this time you will also discuss the program requirements and sign a contract. You will be given your mitt and anything else you need.
  • You will be setting some goals when you come to this appointment, so have a think about what you would like to achieve with your arm.  This could be something like drinking from a cup, brushing your hair or sewing.  We will help you to make your goals realistic and achievable.

During the Program

  • You will attend the clinic from 9am – 1pm each day (where you will receive one-on-one therapy) and use your weak arm the entire time.
  • Your mitt will stay on your good arm.
  • You will have a morning tea break with the other participants. Bring your morning tea.

At Home

  • When you are at home, you will be expected to wear your mitt for 90% of the hours that you are awake.  This will be negotiated at your initial clinic visit.
  • You will have homework of approximately 1 hour per day and fill out a homework log.

Follow Up

  • You will attend a final appointment a few days after your program to do your final assessment.
  • You will set some goals at your last session so that we can help you to continue using your arm at home after the program.

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