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Participant Comments

How they improved
What they gained
"I can use it (my arm) more. More relaxed." (St George Hospital, 2018) "More flexible in movement. Achieved the goals." (St George Hospital, 2018)
"Big improvements particularly moving the arm out. Also movements above my hand. Also fingers." (St George Hospital, 2018) "Confidence. Ability to use hand for more activities." (St George Hospital, 2018)
"Across all dynamics I have gained. It is hard to remember what my limitations were." (St George Hospital, 2018) "The improvements in my arm and fingers as well as an understanding of what I need to do in future." (St George Hospital, 2018)
"Able to carry things easier for longer time." (St George Hospital, 2018) "A realisation that I am still very capable and 'can' and 'will'." (St George Hospital, 2018)
"More movement." (Prince of Wales Hospital, 2018) "Understanding of the importance of repetition in order to assist & improve brain function." (St George Hospital, 2018)
"Chopstick usage with right hand." (Prince of Wales Hospital, 2018) "Belief in myself, certainly. Overall positive experience." (Prince of Wales Hospital, 2018)
"Fine motor skills. Not much with the shoulder due to pain." (Prince of Wales Hospital, 2018) "Improvements in the ranges of movement. Much more manipulation skills." (Prince of Wales Hospital, 2018)
"Finger flexibility, confidence to use right hand more. It is now more natural to use my right hand." (Prince of Wales Hospital, 2018) "Incentive for further improvement. New exercises and techniques to push hand further." (Prince of Wales Hospital, 2018)
"My fingers open more and I was encouraged to try functional things I hadn't before." (Prince of Wales Hospital, 2018) "Hopefully I can see my hand will keep improving if I practice." (Prince of Wales Hospital, 2018)
"I can make a fist. I can straighten my fingers when I have my arm stretched. I can move my wrist up and down now." (Sutherland Hospital, 2018) "I can do more things with my hands. I have more power now. My hand is becoming more reliable. I am using my right hand more often." (Sutherland Hospital, 2018)
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