Fussy eaters

Is your little one a “fussy eater”?

Are you looking for tips to enjoy fuss free mealtimes?

How can you be sure your child is getting all the nutrients they need?

Fussy eating is a challenge for many parents – you are not alone! Be patient and keep trying.

See below practical strategies to help you beat the mealtime struggle and ensure your fussy eater is meeting their nutritional needs and bouncing with energy.

Practical strategies to beat the mealtime struggle

It's normal for kids to go through periods of fussy eating. Children have more sensitive palates than adults and it is common for children to dislike some foods.

Click here for tips to overcome fussy eating and ensure your child is getting all the nutrition they need.

10 tips for meals without the fuss

Discover how to create a mealtime routine, use non-food based rewards, creative ways to present food and more.

To make mealtimes fuss free, click here

This resource was developed by the Sydney Local Health District.

Dinnertime with Isla

Mealtimes should be an enjoyable experience. But sometimes for parents, mealtimes are a source of stress and involve children's tears or tantrums.

Dinnertime with Isla is a story designed to provide ideas about how to foster a positive mealtime environment and help children to develop positive eating behaviours and build a healthy relationship with food.

Watch the short video with your child here.

This resource was developed by the Sydney Local Health District.