Recipe ideas for families and children

Do you love to cook with your child?

Are you looking for recipe inspiration?

Do you want healthy recipes that are delicious and get the taste tick of approval from all the family?

Use a weekly menu planner to fill your week with a variety of healthy meals and snacks, find recipes that meet the dietary requirements of your child, create breakfasts that set your child up for the day, healthy and yummy lunchboxes, dinners that will be devoured, and snacks that you can feel good about.

Discover hundreds of delicious, healthy, child-friendly recipes.

Ideas to help you plan healthy and tasty meals

Over 200 recipes which include handy guides on preparation time, difficulty level, number of servings, ingredients lists and easy to follow directions. You can view recipes on screen or download and print.

Why not use the weekly menu planner to fill your week with a variety of healthy meals and snacks!

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Healthy lunchbox recipes

Discover 175 healthy lunchbox recipes for sandwich fillings, sandwich alternatives, salads, snacks, and recipes that are easy to freeze for convenience.

You can even filter the recipes by dietary requirements (dairy free, gluten free, nut free and vegetarian) and the time to make them.

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It is possible to provide healthy food options for your family without spending hours in the kitchen or a fortune at the shop

Provide healthy food options for your family quickly and on a tight budget. Use the Healthy Eating Quiz to get recipe suggestions tailored to you.

Eat better, without the need for more money or more time.

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Fun, delicious and heart healthy recipes to make with your children

Each recipe has useful ideas about how your child can get involved in the process.

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