Getting active

Are you struggling to get your children active?

Are you looking for new ways and ideas to get the whole family active?

Are you interested in creating a healthy lifestyle for your child?

As young children grow and develop, they need more time in active play and less time sitting. Getting active will build your child’s health and confidence and improve their mood.

Find out how much activity children should do each day, discover fun games and activities, learn about free programs that are available, goal setting, and more.

Getting active can be fun and can be something the whole family does together!

Get new ideas and access a fun-packed resource

Family ACTIVation is full of quick and easy games to play at home, in the park, or wherever you are…

These games reinforce the fundamental movement skills like throwing, catching, hopping and skipping… the same movement skills your child is learning at school.

Click here to access videos outlining fun games to play as a family, plus downloadable game cards.

This resource was developed by Central Coast Local Health District.

Get active each day

Being active helps us stay healthy, but how much activity should children do each day and what are some tips to get children active?

Click here to find lots of ways to be active each day.

This resource was developed by Western Sydney Local Health District.

Get active as a family

Getting active as a family is about making small changes together to get the balance right. Spending time together being active is a great way to have fun and build your child’s health, confidence and improve their mood.

Find out how active your child should be and things that you can do today including free programs, goal setting and exploring your neighbourhood!

Click here to start getting active as a family!

Fun ensues when Jack leaves his screen behind for a day

Little Jack Quick has fun using his screen but when he trips and takes a tumble, he discovers there’s a lot more fun to be found… just about everywhere!

Jack’s FUNtastic Day is a storybook about a boy named Jack who leaves his screen behind for a day to embark on a fun-finding expedition. Along the way he meets Ruby and together they discover that fun and games can be found just about anywhere.

Read the story with your children or watch a reading of the story brought to life through fun, animated storytelling; download resource books to promote active play and reduce screen time; download activity cards to play some of the games and activities that Jack and Ruby play in the story.

Access all the fun and useful resources Jack’s FUNtastic Day resources here

This resource was developed by the Central Coast Local Healthy District.