Adult Services

General Care

Our range of services include:

  • General dental care
  • Emergency relief of pain services
  • Assessment for dentures under the Pensioner Denture Scheme
  • Specialist service
  • Treatment under General Anaesthetic  (Criteria apply)
  • Domiciliary service / Home visits  (Criteria apply)

The Priority Oral Health Program (POHP) ensures people with the greatest need receive the earliest attention.  Patients are assessed on the basis of medical and oral health needs as well as socio-economic and other risk factors.  The POHP triage tool assists our service to determine the urgency of your request.  You will be either offered an appointment at this time or placed on a waiting list.


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Oral Surgery

Specialist services are available from the Sutherland Hospital Dental Clinic for patients with specific oral health needs.  Review and referral from our dental officers is essential.  Referral to SDH (Sydney Dental Hospital) for some specialist services is also available.


Our other services include: