About us

The East Coast Medical Network is supported by a dedicated team of staff, including the network director of physician education, a medical education support officer and four directors of physician education based at the network sites.   

We truly believe that your years as a basic physician trainee are formative.  The time you invest now in your own education and growth will be rewarded in spades and lays the foundation for a successful career.  The bond that you form with your cohort and peers will last a lifetime.  It is a privilege for us to help guide you through this process and we look forward to working with you.


Your wellbeing is important to us

  • We aim to provide a supportive and enriching environment for you to both work and study.
  • We work hard to influence and reduce organisational stressors on our trainees
  • Our staff are approachable, friendly and supportive of your needs
  • The Ripe program will assist you in making the transition from resident to registrar
  • Regular free social lunch   

The Network Governance Committee (NGC) ensures safe, high quality training for BPTs through good governance and management of the Network and its training program by providing:

  • An opportunity for network stakeholders (trainees, DPEs and administrators) to participate actively in the governance of the training network.
  • A forum for discussion of ideas and strategies to improve training or remedy identified deficiencies at a local level
  • A locus of accountability for BPTs within the network
  • Support for the Network Director of Physician Training
  • Transparent and equitable network governance and management; to include reporting on its operations and expenditure to the Ministry of Health and through the NSW Physician Training Council.

Your opinion and feedback play a big role in shaping the training program and workforce conditions of all BPTs. It is crucial that your voice is heard. We will seek your input in a number of ways, through surveys, questionnaires and meetings 

  • Term allocation survey via SurveyMonkey
  • End of term surveys via SurveyMonkey
  • Tutorial evaluation forms
  • Weekly registrars meeting 
  • Network Governance Committee meetings