Joining the ECMN


BPTs and staff at the End of Year Dinner 2018

The ECMN Annual Information evening will be held via MS Teams at 6.00pm on Wednesday 12th July 2023 

The evening is designed to help prospective trainees find out more information about our network and training program and will include a presentation by the Network Director of Physician Education - Dr Jemma Cranney explaining our selection process. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions via Slido or please submit your questions prior to the event to Adele Roberts -


ECMN Presentation 2022


How the match works


ECMN BPT positions are recruited annually via NSW Health. We currently have 40 trainees over 2 years of training in the network, and so roughly half this number will become vacant each year. 

Dates for BPT recruitment are as follows…

Advertising start date – 18 July 2023

Advertising end date – 08 August 2023

Interview dates – 5, 6 & 7 September 2023

Please check  the NSW Health JMO recruitment website for any updates or changes.

Ad hoc recruitment opportunities do arise from time to time. If you are interested in ad hoc positions, please send an email & your CV to  and we will keep you informed of any vacancies that arise through the year.

Please note: Individual pre-meets have not been offered at ECMN since 2016 and they are not part of the official NSW Health recruitment process. This website and our information evening will provide you with the information required. If you still have further specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are no terms of nights anywhere within the Network. The usual arrangement while at POWH is for a week of nights to be done once per term, or occasionally 2 weeks in the one term when you are based at Port Macquarie. 

Trainees based at Prince of Wales Hospital will usually do one overtime/sick relief shift per week. Overtime at Port Macquarie is usually one weekend every 3-4 weeks.  Accommodation options are available at locations within the Network when you are undertaking terms away from your home base hospital. 

4 weeks of Annual Leave are allocated by the network based on preference forms that are submitted by trainees. Generally, trainees take 2 weeks leave in the first half of the year and 2 weeks in the second half of the year.  Study leave is allocated to allow attendance at one of the four revision courses each year, as well as another week of leave prior to the written exam.

ECMN Rotations

Trainees are asked for their specialty term preferences, and these are allocated by the network depending on popularity of the term and RACP training requirements.  In 2022, 100% of trainees were allocated to at least one of their listed 'highly desirable' terms.

The majority of NSW BPT Networks have a 6:12:6 training structure, which entails 6 months on rotation, 12 months at a home base of choice leading up to and including your written and clinical examinations, and then 6 months on rotation. There may be opportunity for you to spend longer than 12 months at the home base. However, priority is given to first time exam sitters. 

Trainees will have 3 rural rotations in the 2 years with the ECMN