Children’s Speech Pathology

A child can be referred for a Speech Pathology assessment if they are having difficulties with their communication. A Speech Pathologist works with children who have difficulties:

  • Understanding what is said to them
  • Learning and using vocabulary
  • Putting sentences and stories together
  • Pronouncing sounds clearly
  • Stuttering
  • Using their voice properly
  • Children with feeding, sucking, chewing or swallowing difficulties can access a specialist service through St George Hospital

What sort of help is offered?

After your child has been assessed, the Speech Pathologist will discuss the results with you and plan the best way we can meet your child’s needs. You and your child may be offered:

  • Parent Training Groups
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Suggested activities to do at home, school or preschool
  • A review at a future date

Our clients

Paediatric Speech Pathology sees children with a communication difficulty aged from 0 to 16 years of age living in the St George or Sutherland local government areas.

Contact us

Parents/carers can refer to our service. Call us on:

  • Referrals to St George area service: (02) 9113 2495
  • Referrals to Sutherland area service: (02) 9522 1017