About our LAN 3 Radiology Training Network


As part of our LAN 3 Radiology Training Network:

Trainees will be appointed to LAN 3, and directly employed by one of the four “home” hospitals (either Liverpool Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, St George Hospital or St Vincent's Hospital), where the trainee will be located the majority of their working/training time (ie. 4 of 5 years).

At their home hospital, trainees will gain significant Radiological work experience (on a modality and systems focused basis), in a tertiary hospital setting, mentored and supervised by highly experienced consultants, on a variety of general and subspecialty adult and/or paediatric cases.

Trainees will be required to complete all assessments, exams and other requirements in accordance with the RANZCR curriculum, in order to become accredited as a fellow of RANZCR and practice as a RANZCR qualified Radiologist.

Trainees receive regular structured didactic Radiological learning/training sessions held by consultants at each LAN 3 site (in addition to LAN and WAN wide training events).

Trainees will be required to undertake 4 x 3 month rotations to other LAN 3 sites to gain Radiological work experience, in a variety of metropolitan (eg. POWH, STG, STV, LH) and also rural (eg. Bathurst, Orange) and/or private settings (eg. Wollongong), as per RANZCR requirements. 

LAN 3 rotations  include both general rotations and sub-specialty rotation (for Phase 3 trainees).

Trainees will also be required to complete all other RANZCR assessments and prerequisites including: 

  • Passing the Part 1 and 2 exams by the required deadlines;
  • Fulfil all experiential RANZCR requirements and projects; and
  • Other assessments by the due dates (eg. DoT reviews, MSF, TATs etc).
  • At the conclusion of the first year trainee's 2 year contract (or 1 year contract for a 2nd year entry trainee), the trainee will be required to re-interview (for a 3 year contract) in order to complete their 5 years of RANZCR accredited training. 

LAN 3 - Governance and management

On a day to day basis, LAN 3 is managed by the Network Director of Training (“NDT”) and the Network Education Support officer (“NESO”), in collaboration with other stakeholders (eg. LAN 3 Director(s) of Training (“DoT”), heads of departments, hospital administrators, HETI, RANZCR etc).

DoTs at each LAN 3 site play an important role, being responsible for trainee training and welfare at the LAN 3 site, and will be the initial point of contact for trainees at each LAN 3 site, regarding training or related issues.
LAN 3 has a Local Governance Committee (encompassing representatives from all the LAN 3 individual sites) to resolve any LAN 3 network related matters.

A Network Governance Committee (comprising representatives from all 3 LANs) provides oversight and strategic guidance on governance, education planning and centralised recruitment issues for the LANs, and also to resolve any issues unable to be resolved at the LAN’s Local Governance Committee.

Background to Radiology Training Networks in NSW

In NSW, in addition to LAN 3 there are 2 other Radiology training networks or Local Area Networks (ie. LAN 1 and LAN 2) which also offer structured 5 year training programs in order for Radiology trainees (ie. registrars) to become accredited as a RANZCR qualified Radiologist.  

A LAN is defined as a group of RANZCR accredited (or linked) sites joined together for Radiology trainee training purposes.

LAN 3 Radiology Brochure

Please find the LAN 3 Radiology Brochure here for further information.