Overview - Annual JMO recruitment for LAN 3 trainees:

It is possible to apply to the other LANs in addition to LAN 3, without prejudice to your LAN 3 application. LAN preferencing (where the candidate has more than one LAN interview) will be required to be submitted to HETI during check-in on the interview day. For LAN 3, candidate preferences for home hospitals (within LAN 3) will be required to be submitted prior to the interview day.

Applications now open (until 7 Aug 2019):

The annual JMO recruitment process for LAN 3 Radiology trainees involves 4 stages:

(1) Application stage  

2020 LAN 3 campaign dates:

  • Advertising Commences on JMO e-recruit - 18 July 2019
  • LAN 3 Information evening - 25 July 2019; 6pm - 8pm AEST (bookings essential)
  • Advertising Closes - 7 August 2019; 5pm AEST
  • Interview date - 27 August 2019
  • Offer dates - From 5 September 2019


Prior to submitting the LAN 3 trainee application form (on JMO e-recruit website), the trainee candidate should ensure he or she has:

  • Reviewed the LAN 3 position description (and all associated materials) on JMO e-recruit;
  • Demonstrated fulfilment of the selection criteria in the position description; and 
  • Completed all questions and uploaded all required documents in the on-line application form; and
  • Nominated two referees (at least one must be a current supervisor or has been supervisor within the last 12 months) and ensure he or she is readily available to be contacted (eg. via telephone or email); and  
  • Familiarised themselves with all the JMO recruitment information in the JMO recruitment portal.
  • We strongly encourage candidates to attend the LAN 3 information evening (where possible) for further information about our training network and program, as it is our primary recruitment information event for prospective applicants.  
  • Please ensure the application is submitted by the due date, as there is no obligation by LAN 3 to accept any late applications.

All technical enquiries/issues regarding the JMO e-recruit system or any information on the JMO recruitment website must be directed to the JMO HelpDesk (or refer to their job seeker FAQ at first instance): 

(2) Interview Stage

After the application closing date, the LAN 3 interview panel will review all the applications, and prepare a short-list of candidates to be contacted for interviews. 

The short-listed candidates will be notified (at least 3 days prior to the interview) of the interview:

  • Date/time;
  • Location;
  • Documents/forms required in order to interview; and
  • Names/titles of the interview panel members.

Interviewed candidates will be required to submit their preference list of all the home hospitals in LAN 3 in ranked order, sometime during the recruitment process.

All candidates must complete and bring to their LAN 3 interview, all the following documents/forms (which will be sent via email or accessible online by the candidate prior to the interview), in order to interview on the day:

  • Original proof (and a photocopy) of identification documents for 100 pt id check form & completed 100 Point Identification Check Form;
  • Original proof (and a photocopy) of valid work entitlements in Australia (e.g. passport, visa etc) for 100 Point Identification Check Form;
  • Print out of completed/electronically signed online National Criminal Record Check Consent Form ("NCRC"); and
  • Working with Children Check ("WWCC") clearance (or application number).

Candidates should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their interview in order for all the necessary paperwork to be checked/processed – otherwise the candidate's allocated interview time and the LAN 3 interview schedule may be affected. 

We may contact referees of interviewees (via email) at any stage of the recruitment process (eg. before the interview) - please ensure they are readily available. Please ensure at least one of the referees is your current supervisor(s) or manager(s).  

What to expect in the LAN 3 interview?

There may be one or more interview panels during the LAN 3 interview.

At the start of each interview panel, the candidate will be welcomed and introduced to the interview panel members. 

The LAN 3 interview may last approximately 15 minutes (on average) total.

The interview panel(s) may have representatives from various LAN 3 sites. ​​​​​​

The interview may potentially involve: 

  • Open ended question(s); and/or
  • Behavioural question(s); and/or
  • Situational question(s); and/or
  • Question(s) regarding information disclosed in your application, CV or other document(s) uploaded; and/or
  • Other types of question(s).

The candidate will have the opportunity to ask questions (if any) at the end of the interview. After the interviews:

The LAN 3 panel will finalise a trainee preference/eligibility list for the available trainee positions in LAN 3, and will then forward this list to HETI for preference matching process purposes. 

If a candidate has been offered interviews at more than one Radiology LAN in NSW, HETI will request their LAN preference(s) in numbered order (when checking in for the interviews).  

HETI, as a neutral party, will use both sets of preference information (ie. LAN 3 and applicant), to undertake an impartial preference matching process, creating a “matched list” of candidates to one of the LANs (ie. each successful candidate will only be matched with one LAN).

Please note - the LANs and trainee candidates will not have access to the preferencing information of the trainee candidates and LANs, respectively.

(3) Offer Stage

Once the HETI LAN (and internal LAN 3 home hospital) matching processes have been completed, successful candidates matched with a LAN 3 home hospital will receive a preliminary offer (via email). 

The candidate will have 48hrs to accept the preliminary offer, before it is rescinded.

Where a LAN 3 trainee position(s) has not been accepted by the 48 hr deadline (if any), second round offer(s) may be made to the highest eligible candidate available on the LAN 3 eligibility list. This process will continue until all LAN 3 positions have been filled.      

After a candidate accepts the preliminary offer, he or she will be required to complete all required documentation (including signed contract) to their home hospital medical workforce.

(4) Post – offer stage

The relevant DoT at the home hospital (and/or other LAN 3 staff) may contact the new LAN 3 trainees prior to the start of the clinical year – to welcome him or her to the LAN 3 network and discuss any training matters (eg. preparation for Part 1 exam sitting etc).

In the first week of the term, the new LAN 3 trainees will be required to attend the LAN 3 orientation day – involving various clinical, training-related lectures/presentations by LAN 3 consultants, senior trainees and other staff. 

The new LAN 3 trainee(s) will also be required to attend the corporate hospital training day at their home hospital during the first week.

Overview - Ad-hoc LAN 3 trainee (JMO recruitment) process:

Ad-hoc LAN 3 trainee positions may arise from time to time outside of the annual JMO recruitment period. Please refer to the JMO e-recruit portal for any vacancies for LAN 3 trainee positions during the clinical year.   

If relevant, the annual recruitment eligibility list may be used to fill any available ad-hoc roles.