Overview - Annual JMO recruitment for LAN 3 trainees:

Please be aware that all annual JMO recruitment applications in NSW use the JMO careers portal. Please ensure you apply on the correct website:

For further information about JMO recruitment per the Ministry of Health, please refer to:

It is possible to apply to the other LANs in addition to LAN 3, without prejudice to your LAN 3 application. LAN preferencing (where the candidate has more than one LAN interview) will be required to be submitted to HETI before the interview day. For LAN 3, candidate preferences for home hospitals (within LAN 3) will be required to be submitted prior to the interview day.

Please note - the information regarding recruitment on this website maybe subject to change at anytime. Please check with the JMO helpdesk if you have any queries about any recruitment related matters.


The annual JMO recruitment process for LAN 3 Radiology trainees involves 4 stages:

(1) Application stage  

  • 2023 LAN 3 Information evening - 8 July 2024; 6pm - 6:50 pm AEST (registrations essential)
  • Advertising Commences on JMO careers portal - 16 July 2024
  • Advertising Closes - 6 August 2024
  • Interview date(s) - 19-20 August 2024 (TBC)
  • Offer dates - From 3 September 2024 onwards

Prior to submitting the LAN 3 trainee application form (on JMO ROB website), the trainee candidate should ensure they have:

  • Reviewed the LAN 3 position description (and all associated materials);
  • Demonstrated fulfilment of the selection criteria in the position description; and 
  • Registered with the The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) and receive their College Registration Verification Number (CRVN) as part of their application.(Note: this applies only to candidates applying for radiology who are not a current radiology trainee).
  • Completed all questions and uploaded all required documents in the on-line application form; and
  • Nominated two referees (at least one must be a current supervisor or has been supervisor within the last 12 months) and ensure he or she is readily available to be contacted (eg. via telephone or email); and  
  • Familiarised themselves with all the JMO recruitment information in the JMO recruitment portal.
  • We strongly encourage candidates to attend the LAN 3 information evening (where possible) for further information about our training network and program, as it is our primary recruitment information event for prospective applicants.  
  • Please ensure the application is submitted by the due date, as there is no obligation by LAN 3 to accept any late applications.

All technical enquiries/issues regarding the JMO ROB system or any information on the JMO recruitment website must be directed to the JMO HelpDesk (or refer to their job seeker FAQ at first instance): 

(2) Interview Stage 

After the application closing date, the LAN 3 interview panel will review all the applications, and prepare a short-list of candidates to be contacted for interviews.

Interviewees will be notified of the chosen format of interviews (eg. via video conference or in person etc) shortly before the interview, and will be guided by Ministry of Health, state and federal laws and guidelines.  

The short-listed candidates will be notified (at least 3 days prior to the interview) of the interview:

  • Date/time;
  • Format of interview - dial-in details (if interview is via video conferencing) or location (if interview is in person);
  • Documents/forms required to bring on the day (or sent beforehand) in order to interview; and
  • Names/titles of the interview panel members.

Interviewed candidates will be advised to submit their preference list of all the home hospitals in LAN 3 in ranked order.

All interviewees must complete and bring to their LAN 3 interview (or submit completed softcopies of the following documents via email beforehand - if interview is via video conference), all the following documents/forms (which will be sent via email or accessible online by the candidate prior to the interview), in order to interview on the day:

  • Original proof (and a photocopy) of identification documents for 100 point id check form & completed 100 Point Identification Check Form;
  • Original proof (and a photocopy) of valid work entitlements in Australia (e.g. passport, visa etc) for 100 Point Identification Check Form;
  • Print out of completed/electronically signed online National Criminal Record Check Consent Form ("NCRC"); and
  • Working with Children Check ("WWCC") clearance (or application number).
  • Other document(s) as advised closer to the interview.  

If the interviews are held via video conferencing - interviewees will be provided with a weblink and instructions on the process and any requirements in relation to the format of the interview. 
If the interviews are held in person, interviewees should arrive at the interview location at least 15 minutes prior to their interview in order for all the necessary paperwork to be checked/processed – otherwise the candidate's allocated interview time and the LAN 3 interview schedule may be affected. 

We may contact referees of interviewees (via email) at any stage of the recruitment process (can include before the interview) - please ensure they are readily available to monitor their emails and to complete referee reports in a timely manner. Please ensure at least one of the referees is your current supervisor(s) or manager(s).  

What to expect in the LAN 3 interview?

There may be one or more interview panels during the LAN 3 interview.

At the start of each interview panel, the candidate will be welcomed and may be introduced to the interview panel members. 

The LAN 3 interview may last approximately 15 minutes (on average) total.

The interview panel(s) may have representatives from various LAN 3 sites. ​​​​​​

The interview may potentially involve: 

  • Open ended question(s); and/or
  • Behavioural question(s); and/or
  • Situational question(s); and/or
  • Question(s) regarding information disclosed in your application, CV or other document(s) uploaded; and/or
  • Other types of question(s).

The candidate will have the opportunity to ask questions (if any) at the end of the interview. 

After the interviews:

The LAN 3 panel will finalise a trainee preference/eligibility list for the available trainee positions in LAN 3, and will then forward this list to HETI for preference matching process purposes. 

If a candidate has been offered interviews at more than one Radiology LAN in NSW, HETI will request their LAN preference(s) in numbered order (when checking in for the interviews).  

HETI, as a neutral party, will use both sets of preference information (i.e. LAN 3 and applicant), to undertake an impartial preference matching process, creating a “matched list” of candidates to one of the LANs (i.e. each successful candidate will only be matched with one LAN).

Please note - the LANs and trainee candidates will not have access to the preferencing information of the trainee candidates and LANs, respectively.

(3) Offer Stage

Once the HETI LAN (and internal LAN 3 home hospital) matching processes have been completed, successful candidates matched with a LAN 3 home hospital will receive a preliminary offer (via email). 

The candidate will have 48hrs to accept the preliminary offer, before it is rescinded.

Where a LAN 3 trainee position(s) has not been accepted by the 48 hrs deadline (if any), second round offer(s) may be made to the highest eligible candidate available on the LAN 3 eligibility list. This process will continue until all LAN 3 positions have been filled.      

After a candidate accepts the preliminary offer, he or she will be required to complete all required documentation (including signed contract) to their home hospital medical workforce.

(4) Post – offer stage

The relevant DoT(s) at the home hospital (and/or other LAN 3 staff) may contact the new LAN 3 trainees prior to the start of the clinical year – to welcome them to the LAN 3 network and discuss any training matters (eg. preparation for Part 1 exam sitting etc).

In the first week of the term, the new LAN 3 trainees will be required to attend the LAN 3 orientation week program – involving various clinical, training-related lectures/presentations by LAN 3 consultants, senior trainees and other staff. 

The new LAN 3 trainee(s) will also be required to attend the corporate hospital training day at their home hospital during the first week.

Overview - Ad-hoc LAN 3 trainee (JMO recruitment) process:

Ad-hoc LAN 3 trainee positions may arise from time to time outside of the annual JMO recruitment period. Please refer to the JMO e-recruit portal for any vacancies for LAN 3 trainee positions during the clinical year.   

If relevant, the annual recruitment eligibility list may be used to fill any available ad-hoc roles. 

Please note - the information regarding recruitment on this website maybe subject to change at anytime. Please check with the JMO helpdesk if you have any queries about any recruitment related matters.