Frequently Asked Questions (from trainee candidates)

No two days as a LAN 3 trainee are the same, however trainee clinical work may involve different modalities (eg. CT, X-ray etc) or systems focused rotations (eg. Neuro, MSK etc) or interventional radiology work (at one of the LAN 3 sites) and may include interpreting studies/reporting, interacting with patients and referring physicians, planning and protocolling upcoming studies, and participating in the educational activities of the department or LAN 3, for example:

  • 08:00 - 09:00: Morning case conference
  • 09:00 - 12:30: Clinical responsibilities
  • 12:30 - 13:30: Lunch and didactic conference/clinical meeting
  • 13:30 - 17:00: Clinical responsibilities After hours rostering will also be required.

On-call is no longer required at most home hospitals. 

Trainees are provided with a plethora of training and support from a variety of LAN 3 stakeholders, including:

  • Regular internal training, didactic lectures and clinical meetings presented by consultants and other relevant staff on a LAN site and/or LAN wide
  • HETI Anatomy and Physics (trainees are responsible for costs)
  • HETI Part 2 preparation course (trainees are responsible for costs)
  • Liverpool and Gosford Hospitals Part 2 mock viva exam practice days (trainees are responsible for costs)
  • Various other external Radiology courses (trainees are responsible for costs)
  • Informal study groups with LAN 3 or other LAN's trainee colleagues
  • Study leave
  • LAN 3 and RANZCR protected time for study/training policies (specifying minimum amounts of training time and supervised training time)
  • LAN and RANZCR policies regarding trainee grievance policies and pathways;
  • Access to trainee representative at the LGC
  • Access to EAP (for professional or personal matters)
  • Access to the RANZCR grievance officer
  • DoTs, NESO and NDT to assist with resolving any LAN related issues related to trainees.

Generally, LAN 3 recruits on an annual basis during the JMO recruitment period, with the number/types of positions available dependent on:

  • service requirements;
  • number of trainees completing their training; and
  • other considerations.

LAN 3 also recruits on an ad-hoc basis during the clinical year (if required). Please refer to the JMO e-recruit portal for any available Radiology trainee positions.

The exact number/type of LAN 3 trainee positions (and which home hospital(s) it will be located) will be detailed in the LAN 3 trainee position description (once available on JMO e-recruit).

Depending on LAN 3 requirements, the range of trainee positions (and contractlengths) available, may include:

  • 1st year trainee (2 year contract);
  • 2nd year trainee (1 year contract);
  • 3rd year trainee (3 year contract);
  • 4th year trainee (2 year contract); or
  • 5th year trainee (1 year contract).

Accredited Radiology trainee positions in NSW are highly competitive (eg. for the 2018 intake, the LANs received over 100 applications each).

In 2018, there were a total of 50 trainees in LAN 3

Please refer to the LAN 3 trainee position description (on JMO e-recruit when released). Per NSW Health policies, LAN 3 is required to judge candidates based on the selection criteria in the position description.

The following maybe desirable characteristics, however are not mandatory:

  • Completion of relevant Radiology course(s) (eg. Radiology Anatomy and Physics courses) and evidence of high achievement in the exams;
  • Evidence of progression towards completing Part 1 (or Part 2) exams
  • Evidence of relevant academic and research achievement(s) in Radiology (eg. publications, higher degrees, prizes and awards etc); and
  • Evidence of presentation(s) at Radiological conferences. 

Please note, the fact that a candidate has previously applied for and/or interviewed for a trainee position(s) in LAN 3 (or other LAN) and was unsuccessful, has no effect on the trainee’s future chances of obtaining a trainee position, where the candidate chooses to reapply to LAN 3 at a future time. 

It maybe useful to have spent some time (eg. as resident or medical student etc) at one of the LAN 3 Radiology department(s), to see if LAN 3 Radiology is a good fit for you, but not mandatory.

Yes - If you interview at more than one Radiology LAN in NSW, you will be required (to provide HETI) your LAN preferences in numbered order.

HETI (as an independent party) will undertake the impartial LAN matching process, on behalf of all the LANs.

HETI will keep this information confidential at all times and will not provide this information to the LANs.

Yes - at the interview for LAN 3, candidates will be required to complete and submit the LAN 3 home hospital preferences form, in numbered order of your preferences.

However, please note it is the decision of LAN 3 as to the particular home hospital the LAN 3 trainee will be allocated.

Please refer to the JMO recruitment portal for information about when LAN 3 is able to start sending out written offers (via email).

If you are successful, you will receive one offer from one of the 3 LANs in NSW.

Where possible this will be your highest choice as listed in your LAN preference(s).

If you decline the offer you will not be eligible to receive further offers (for this JMO recruitment process).

We continue to offer positions until they are all filled. The whole process can take several weeks therefore if you do not receive an offer within the first few days, this does not mean you will not receive an offer. Each person is given up to 48 hours to accept or decline their offer which can extend the offer process significantly.

In general, most LAN 3 trainee positions are for full-time employment.

From time to time, part-time or jobshare trainee positions may arise - and will be indicated in the position description on e-recruit.

Part time work during maternity leave will be granted in accordance with the relevant Award and other policies (eg. RANZCR, NSW Health etc). 

All LAN 3 trainees must have current general registration with the Medical Board of Australia (in addition to satisfying the other selection criteria in the position description).

International Medical Graduates should consult the Medical Board of Australia for additional information, on whether he or she qualifies for registration with the Medical Board of Australia.

Candidates should not apply for a LAN 3 position if he or she does not have (or not eligible for) current general registration with the Medical Board of Australia.  

Please refer to the individual hospital website links on this website or refer to each LAN 3 site's individual website.

Yes - all LAN 3 trainees should undertake up to 4 x 3 month rotations as part of RANZCR requirements and as part of the position description and your employment contract with LAN 3.

Rotation preferences will be taken into account, where possible, however it is the decision of the LAN’s NDT and LGC in accordance with the LAN’s trainee rotation allocation policies, on the timing and allocation of trainee rotations within LAN 3.

Yes – Campbelltown Hospital and Bankstown Hospital are RANZCR linked sites where you may be rostered on a term short basis (eg. one week etc) - as part of your rotation to Liverpool Hospital or if Liverpool Hospital is your home hospital. 

Yes - for trainees where Liverpool Hospital is their home hospital, he or she may be rotated to Children’s Hospital Westmead, a RANZCR linked site as part of their training for paediatrics.