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Please ensure you have reviewed the information in this website and the FAQ in relation to any queries, prior to contacting the relevant LAN 3 contact.

Dr Elizabeth Silverstone Network Director of Training (LAN 3)  
TBC Network Education Officer (LAN 3)


Dr Dean Rabinowitz & Dr Georges Hazan

Co-Directors of Training - Prince of Wales Hospital*  
Dr Mohammed Hamdan & Dr Elise Cumin & Dr Shady Osman Co-Directors of Training - Liverpool Hospital*  

Dr Fiona Leung  and Dr Duy Nguyen

Co-Director of Training - St Vincent’s Hospital*  
Dr Aruna Morusupalli & Dr Arnold Kang & Dr Kuan Ho   Co-Director of Training - St George Hospital*  
Dr Diana Tran and
Dr Kim-son Nguyen
Co-Directors of Training - Bankstown Hospital  
Dr Minh Xuan Truong Director of Training - Campbelltown Hospital  
Dr Peter Child Director of Training - Wollongong Hospital  

* home hospital for LAN 3 trainee

Last updated: 21 Jan 2022