Research is an intrinsic part of core business at SESLHD. It drives innovation to improve the health of the community we serve.

Our vision is to be recognised as an internationally leading, research-oriented health service that embeds research and innovation into practice.

News & Updates:

23 March - Research Office fees & Method of Payment (MoP) form

Template - SESLHD Research Office Method of Payment Form (Word)
Policy - SESLHDPD/332 SESLHD Research Fees

In line with NSWH PD2008_030, the Research Office will begin to charge fees for all ethics & governance applications reviewed by the HREC or Office staff. Fees will be charged for all commercially sponsored, collaborative & investigator- initiated studies. 

From 23 March, all ethics & governance submissions (including project amendments) require a completed Method of Payment (MoP) form included. 

Fees based on the form will be charged from the following dates:

  • Wednesday 23 March - All investigator- initiated studies will be charged from this date.
  • Wednesday 6 April - All collaborative research group studies will be charged from this date on. 
  • Friday 6 May - All commercially sponsored studies will be charged from this date on. 

Although charges are being rolled out in stages, all studies are required to include an MoP form in their REGIS submissions from 23 March

Webinars addressing the upcoming fees will be offered on the following dates:

  • Friday 11 March                 10am - 11am & 3:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Wednesday 23 March      10am - 11am & 3:30pm - 4:00pm
  • Friday 1 April                      3:30pm - 4:30pm
  • Friday 8 April                      10am - 11am
  • Friday 22 April                    10am - 11am
  • Friday 6 May                      3pm - 4pm

For staff wishing to attend a webinar, please click here
For non-SESLHD researchers wishing to join a webinar, or for further information, please email

23 March - Research Governance Submission Checklist

Template - Research Governance Submission Checklist for Researchers

From 23 March, the Research Office will be piloting the Research Governance Checklist, created by Sydney Health Partners & Local Health Districts in collaboration. 
The Checklist is being piloted across multiple LHDs to trial a consistent, streamlined checklist for governance submissions.

Please ensure you complete the Checklist with all Site- Specific Applications (SSAs). 

23 March - Research Ethics Eligibility Checklist

Template - Research Ethics Eligibility Checklist

From 23rd March, all ethics applications submitted to the SESLHD HREC or LNR committee will require an ethics checklist with the application. 

Ethics & Governance Webinars for Researchers

The Office is hosting regular 1 hour webinars/ Q&A sessions for research investigators every Thursday, 11am - 12pm
Anyone with application or research enquiries are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions for timely discussions & feedback. 

To register for these educational sessions, please click here.
(You will need to be connected to the network or using remote access to use the registration link)

Working Group for Clinical Trial accreditation preparation

The Office has set up monthly sessions for clinical trial or study coordinators across SESLHD to work on the implementation of the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework & the accreditation for clinical trials that will follow
For more information, or to join the working group, please email

'Helping our Health' cultural clinical trial recruitment resources

The Office for Health & Medical Research has developed a suite of collateral targeting culturally & linguistically diverse audiences to support local recruitment for clinical trials. 

Resources can be downloaded for people who speak English, Cantonese, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog & Tamil. There are also resources for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

To download, please go to