Site Access

Research projects that require access to SESLHD patients, SESLHD staff, tissue or data but does not involve the conduct of research at SESLHD sites require the submission and approval of a formal Access Request as opposed to Site Specific Authorisation.

Research activities that require an Access Request include:

  • Participant recruitment through leaflets or posters that does not involve any direct contact with potential participants;
  • Distribution of surveys or questionnaires through SESLHD staff where collation and analysis is not occurring at a SESLHD site;
  • Access to data or tissue held within SESLHD where processing and analysis is not occurring at a SESLHD site.

Requests for access request review should be made by the Coordinating Principal Investigator to the Research Governance Officer via email. The Coordinating Principal Investigator is also responsible for obtaining written agreement from relevant heads of the facilities, locations and services that will provide the access required. Site access requests for access to data, physical visits to sites, direct contacts with patients and staff will generally be advised to submit a site specific application and nominate a SESLHD staff member as the principal investigator(PI).

To submit a site access for SESLHD please submit to the research office via an email to 

  • A completed site access form from
  • Written support from the relevant head/s of department/s (email accepted)
  • A cover letter. In the request the application should provide the following information , at a minimum
    • Project title and short title
    • Relevant project identifiers
    • Coordinating Principal Investigator name and contact information
    • Name of the study sponsor, if applicable
    • Human Research Ethics Committee approval letter with SESLHD site/s listed
    • The resources/services being requested
    • The proposed process for accessing those resources/services
    • Attached letters or emails confirming the support of each facility head of department,location or service(written evidence of support - emails accepted if all listed elements above mentioned are addressed)
    • If distributing a survey or conducting an interview, please include a data dictionary or list of questions that will be posed. 

For more information on Site Access, you can visit the OHMR website.

Contingent Workers

For information on contingent worker onboarding & access to SESLHD sites, please contact SESLHD People and Culture Ph: (02) 9382 3070 | E: or