Site Access

Research projects that require access to SESLHD patients, SESLHD staff, tissue or data but does not involve the conduct of research at SESLHD sites require the submission and approval of a formal Access Request as opposed to Site Specific Authorisation.

Research activities that require an Access Request include:

  • Participant recruitment through leaflets or posters that does not involve any direct contact with potential participants;
  • Distribution of surveys or questionnaires through SESLHD staff where collation and analysis is not occurring at a SESLHD site;
  • Access to data or tissue held within SESLHD where processing and analysis is not occurring at a SESLHD site.

To submit an Access Request, email with the following:

  • A completed Access Request Form available on the OHMR website
  • A cover letter outlining:
    • The project title;
    • The Coordinating Principal Investigator name and contact details;
    • The reviewing HREC;
    • Details of the resources being requested from SESLHD (e.g. staff time to distribute surveys etc.); and
    • How you intend to access those resources.
  • Correspondence from the Head of Department confirming their support of the project and ability to provide the required resources.


Contingent Workers

Investigators and research personnel who are not employed at SESLHD must be set up as a Contingent Worker by the relevant Head of Department should they require access to:

  • The site
  • Medical records
  • Identifiable patient data
  • Participants (including staff)

SESLHD staff and Head of Department will be able to find further information about setting up Contingent Workers through SESLHD People and Culture. Tel. 9382 3070, or