Research contacts

Research Ethics and Governance


Team email:

Marie Le Bechennec | Ethics and Governance Officer | | 02 9382 4561

Seray Adams | Ethics and Governance Officer | | 02 9382 2635

Patrick Caldwell | Ethics and Governance Officer | | 02 9382 2458

Roberta Gbuye | Research Directorate Administration Officer | | 02 9382 3587

Leah McManus | Research Business Manager | | 02 9382 3152


Research Development

Team email:

Andrew Bohlken | Research Development Executive Officer || 02 9382 8889

Research misconduct is managed in accordance with the NSW Ministry of Health Managing Misconduct Policy.

Feedback and complaints about research projects

If you have feedback or a complaint about a researcher or a research study/projects, please contact Research Ethics and Governance via phone, email or in person.

Research misconduct

If you have concerns about research misconduct, please contact SESLHD's research integrity advisor A/Prof Chris White (SESLHD Director of Research,

Feedback and complaints about the research support office

If you have feedback or a complaint about the Research Ethics and Governance or Development teams or the SESLHD Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), please email A/Prof Chris White.

This process is aligned with Section 8 of the Human Research Ethics Committees: Standard Operating Procedures for NSW Public Health Organisations and Sections EO014 and 015 of the Operations Manual: Human Research Ethics Committee Executive officers.

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