Committee Details & Meeting Dates

SESLHD Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

The SESLHD HREC meets monthly to review research ethics and governance submissions.

Current Membership Composition

Acting Chairperson - Dr Melvin Chin

This HREC is constituted and operates in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council's National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) and the CPMP/ICH Note for Guidance on Good Clinical Practice.

The Committee comprises the following:

  • One Chairperson
  • Four lay members
  • One Biostatistician
  • Two members who perform a pastoral care role in a community
  • Two lawyers (not engaged to advise the institution)
  • Five members with current research experience (relevant to research proposals considered at the meetings)
  • Nine members with knowledge of and current experience in professional care, counselling or treatment of people
  • Equal numbers of men and women
  • Members both internal and external to SESLHD

To view the HREC Terms of Reference, please click here.

Meeting Dates


Downloadable here: 2023 HREC & LNR Meeting Dates


Submission cut-off date (by 9am) HREC Meeting Date
Tuesday 3 January Tuesday 7 February
Tuesday 7 February Tuesday 7 March
Tuesday 7 March Tuesday 4 April
Tuesday 4 April Tuesday 2 May
Tuesday 2 May Tuesday 6 June
Tuesday 6 June Tuesday 4 July
Tuesday 4 July Tuesday 1 August
Tuesday 8 August Tuesday 5 September
Tuesday 5 September Tuesday 3 October
Tuesday 10 October Tuesday 7 November
Tuesday 7 November Tuesday 5 December


Submission cut-off date (by 9am) LNR Meeting Date
Friday 3 February Tuesday 14 February
Friday 17 February Tuesday 28 February
Friday 3 March Tuesday 14 March
Friday 17 March Tuesday 28 March
Friday 31 March Tuesday 11 April
Friday 29 April Tuesday 9 May*
Friday 12 May Tuesday 23 May
Friday 2 June Tuesday 13 June*
Friday 16 June Tuesday 27 June
Friday 30 June Tuesday 11 July
Friday 14 July Tuesday 25 July
Friday 28 July Tuesday 8 August
Friday 11 August Tuesday 22 August
Friday 1 September Tuesday 12 September
Friday 15 September Tuesday 26 September
Friday 29 September Tuesday 10 October
Friday 13 October Tuesday 24 October
Friday 3 November Tuesday 14 November
Friday 17 November Tuesday 28 November
Friday 1 December Tuesday 12 December

*Date changed due to public holiday and/or conflicting HREC meeting dates.