Committee Details & Meeting Dates

SESLHD Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

The SESLHD HREC meets monthly to review research ethics and governance submissions.

Current Membership Composition

Chairperson - Dr Melvin Chin

This HREC is constituted and operates in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council's National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) and the CPMP/ICH Note for Guidance on Good Clinical Practice. No HREC member is present for the review of applications for which they have a conflict of interest.

The Committee comprises the following:

  • One Chairperson
  • Four lay members
  • One Biostatistician
  • Two members who perform a pastoral care role in a community
  • Two lawyers (not engaged to advise the institution)
  • Five members with current research experience (relevant to research proposals considered at the meetings)
  • Nine members with knowledge of and current experience in professional care, counselling or treatment of people
  • Equal numbers of men and women
  • Members both internal and external to SESLHD

To view the HREC Terms of Reference, please click here.

Meeting Dates

2024 meeting dates and submission deadlines can be downloaded here.

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

New applications must be submitted by the pre-review submission deadline to allow the application to undergo our pre-review process.

Pre-review deadline (by 12pm)       (All new applications) Submission deadline (by 12pm) HREC Meeting Date
Tuesday 9 January Friday 19 January Tuesday 6 February
Tuesday 6 February Friday 16 February Tuesday 5 March
Tuesday 5 March Friday 15 March Tuesday 2 April
Tuesday 9 April Friday 19 April Tuesday 7 May
Tuesday 7 May Friday 17 May Tuesday 4 June
Tuesday 4 June Friday 14 June Tuesday 2 July
Tuesday 9 July Friday 19 July Tuesday 6 August
Tuesday 6 August Friday 16 August Tuesday 3 September
Tuesday 3 September Friday 13 September Tuesday 1 October
Tuesday 8 October Friday 18 October Tuesday 5 November
Tuesday 5 November Friday 15 November Tuesday 3 December


Low Negligible Risk (LNR) Committee

Submission deadline (by 9am) LNR Meeting Date
Friday 2 February Tuesday 13 February
Friday 16 February Tuesday 27 February
Friday 1 March Tuesday 12 March
Friday 15 March Tuesday 26 March
Thursday 28 March* Tuesday 9 April
Friday 12 April Tuesday 23 April
Friday 26 April Tuesday 14 May*
Friday 17 May Tuesday 28 May
Friday 31 May Tuesday 11 June
Friday 14 June Tuesday 25 June
Friday 28 June Tuesday 9 July
Friday 12 July Tuesday 23 July
Friday 2 August Tuesday 13 August*
Friday 16 August Tuesday 27 August
Friday 30 August Tuesday 10 September
Friday 13 September Tuesday 24 September
Friday 27 September Tuesday 8 October
Friday 11 October Tuesday 22 October
Friday 1 November Tuesday 12 November
Friday 15 November Tuesday 26 November
Friday 29 November Tuesday 10 December

*Date changed due to public holiday and/or conflicting HREC meeting dates.