Committee Details

Details of the SESLHD HREC membership and meeting dates are below.

The Committee Terms of Reference and Standard Operating Procedures are also available on this page.

The SESLHD HREC is currently seeking new members, particularly from members of the public who can fulfil the roles of lay man or woman, pastoral carer and lawyer. For further details, please see the HREC Member Expression of Interest document attached at the bottom of this page.

The current membership is below:

Prof Georgina Hold (A/Chair) Professor, Faculty of Medicine
Dr Melvin Chin Staff Specialist, Oncologist
Mr David Carter Lecturer in Law, Pastoral Carer
Ms Diane Davies Former Pharmacist
Dr Deborah Debono Lecturer, Research Fellow
Dr Ritin Fernandez Researcher
Mr Roy Laube Clinical Psychologist
Ms Mehera San Roque Associate Professor, Faculty of Law
Dr Angela Chiew Clinical Toxicologist
Dr Betty Chan Clinical Toxicologist
Ms Ann Hoban Former Director, Sydney City Council
Mr Anthony Bolzan Former President, 3M Philippines
Mr Johnson Liu Pharmacologist/ Lecturer
Ms Bronwyn Kyngdon Chaplain
Mr Wayne Varndell Clinical Nurse Consultant
Dr Suyin Hor Lecturer Health Services
Ms Karen Morris Dog Groomer
Dr Monica Tang Oncologist and Researcher
Dr Monique Menzies Wojtowicz Haematology Trials Research Fellow
Mr Scott Brunero Mental Health Clinical Nurse Consultant
Mr Kevin Ni Scientific Officer, Cancer Services
Mr Raymond Tung Senior Clinical Trials Pharmacist
Prof Andrew Hayen Professor of Biostatistics

Submission and meeting dates for the SESLHD Human Research Ethics, Executive and Low Negligible Risk Committees are below.

Submissions may also be made to other NSW Health Committees - contacts are available on the NSW Health Office of Health and Medical Research website:

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) 

The Human Research Ethics Committee meets monthly. Dates for 2021 are as follows:

Submission by 12pm on: For HREC Meeting held:
Tuesday 5 January Tuesday 2 February
Tuesday 2 February Tuesday 2 March
Tuesday 2 March Tuesday 6 April
Tuesday 6 April Tuesday 4 May
Tuesday 4 May Tuesday 1 June
Tuesday 1 June Tuesday 6 July
Tuesday 6 July Tuesday 3 August
Tuesday 3 August Tuesday 7 September
Tuesday 7 September Tuesday 5 October
Tuesday 5 October Tuesday 2 November
Tuesday 2 November Tuesday 7 December

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has transitioned from a schedule of fixed dates to a turnaround based model. 

For substantial amendments, the Committee aims to provide a response within 2 weeks of the submission date. Where expert review is required, e.g. for Investigator Brochure changes, the response may take longer. For all other amendments, the Committee aims to respond within 1 week.

Low and Negligible Risk (LNR) Committee

The LNR Committee meets fortnightly. Dates for 2021 are below. Remaining dates will be updated shortly:

Submission by 9am on:  LNR Meeting held:
Friday 29 January Tuesday 9 February 
Friday 12 February Tuesday 23 February
Friday 26 February Tuesday 9 March
Friday 12 March  Tuesday 23 March 
Friday 2 April  Tuesday 13 April
Friday 16 April Tuesday 27 April
Friday 30 April Tuesday 11 May
Friday 14 May Tuesday 25 May
Friday 28 May Tuesday 8 June