SESLHD is committed to the highest standard of integrity in research.  All human research activities must be approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

Important REGIS information

All new applications for research carried out in NSW public health organisations must be submitted using REGIS. If you have an existing application in Online Forms please contact the Research Support Office for advice.

If your Ethics application is being reviewed by an ACT or NSW Health HREC and the application was submitted through Online Forms, you must ensure any related site governance application is generated via Online Forms and submitted to the relevant Research Office prior to 1 April 2019. If this does not occur, any additional site governance applications will be unable to be generated until the ethics application has been approved and migrated into REGIS.

For more info please see Transitioning to REGIS

Research process

The Ethics team is your liaison to the HREC and will help you with your ethics application, amendments and ongoing monitoring. 

Information about ongoing communication with the HREC during the conduct of your study can be found here

Governance approval is also required before commencement of research, please see the Governance page for further information.