Active research groups at Sutherland Hospital are detailed below:

Key contact:

A/Prof Peter Gonski

Research area: Aged care and chronic care.

Research clinicians:

Kylie Ditton

Research area: Community aged care.

Dr Shikha Jain

Research area: Community aged care.

Jeannette Jarick

Research area: Aged care.

Key contact:

Dr Anas Naeem

Research area: Intensive care medicine.

Key contact:

Professor Denis Wakefield

Research areas: Immunology, autoimmunity, allergy, immune deficiency.

Key contact:

Patricia Bradd

Research areas: Allied health, leadership, culture and mixed methods evaluation.

Research clinicians:

Jocelyn Hickson

Research areas: rural healthcare, health system redesign for isolated populations.

Karen Patterson

Research areas: Delivery of health care, integrated,  people-centred outcomes, engaging and empowering individuals and communities, system leadership, mixed methods, case study, human centred co-design. 

Key contact:

Dr Anne Wand

Research areas: Delirium, aspects of decision making capacity, self-harm in older people, evaluation of the effectiveness of consultation-liaison psychiatry services, clozapine use in older people.

Research Clinician:

Dr Elaine Kwan

Research areas: Cognitive disorders in chronic medical illness, depression in people receiving renal dialysis, anxiety disorders in older people.


Key contact:

Andrew Lawson

Research area: Orthopaedics.