The Cruise Ship Program

The Public Health Unit conducts two public health programs for cruise ships visiting NSW ports - the Cruise Ship Health Surveillance Program and the Vessel Inspection Program. We respond to reports of infectious disease cases, outbreaks, and other incidents of public health concern, and conduct environmental health inspections of vessels.

Cruise ship in sunset. The Sydney Cruise Ship Health Surveillance Program works to improve health surveillance on cruise ships and respond to outbreaks of infectious disease.
Cruise Ship Health Surveillance Program
Public health officer inspecting cruise ship. The Vessel Inspection Program involves environmental health inspections of those cruise ships that enter NSW ports, which we deem to be at high priority.
Vessel Inspection Program
A couple enjoying themselves on a cruise ship. Cruise ships have become a popular mode of holiday travel, attracting large numbers of people from all over the world. Staying healthy while travelling is important to make the most of your trip
Staying healthy on your cruise
Cruise ship crew on deck. The Australian Biosecurity Act 2015 requires that ship report any death or any traveller who has one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease to a Biosecurity Officer.
Health reporting advice for the cruise ship industry